Aircraft veers off flight path after both pilots fall asleep in Indonesia


Indonesia’s transportation department to look into a situation where two Batik Air pilots fell asleep during a flight. This information comes from the civil aviation director-general M Kristi Endah Murni, according to the state news agency Antara.

The pilot and co-pilot fell asleep at the same time for 28 minutes during a flight from Kendari to Jakarta on January 25. This caused the plane to go off course.

No one on the plane, including 153 passengers and four flight attendants, were hurt during the flight. The plane was not damaged either, according to the KNKT preliminary report.

The flight BTK6723 flew for two hours and 35 minutes and safely landed in Jakarta, as Antara and the initial report said.

This news story is still being updated. Come back later for more information.


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