Airstrike in Nigeria ‘mistakenly’ kills 85 Muslim worshipers


At least 85 people were killed by a military attack during a Muslim holiday in Kaduna state, Nigeria.

The military drone killed innocent people by accident while trying to attack terrorists and criminals. Governor Uba Sani didn’t say how many people died.

The defense ministry said the operation was a “sad and unnecessary event”.

Many people were hurt in the attack.

A state official named Samuel Aruwa said that a military officer named Maj VU Okoro explained that the Nigerian army was on a regular mission against terrorists but accidentally harmed members of the community.

Maj Gen Edward Buba, who speaks for the military, said on Tuesday that they did an airstrike because they had good information that there were “terrorists” in that place.

Governor Sani is looking into the “sad event” that happened when people from Tundun Biri gathered for a religious celebration.

The Northwest Zonal Office got information from local authorities that 85 dead bodies have been buried, and they are still looking for more. This was said by the National Emergency Management Agency in Abuja.

“It’s important to know that children, women, and old people were injured or killed. ”

One person saw what happened and told the media that there were two attacks.

“The plane dropped a bomb on the place, and it killed our people, including women and children,” he said.

“The second bomb was dropped on us while we were trying to bring back the bodies of the first blast victims. ” “Many of my family members died, and 66 are hurt and in the hospital. ”

A lady saw what happened after the bombing. She told the media that there were bodies scattered everywhere.

She said that some women died while holding their babies. Some of the babies lived, but others died with their mothers.

The Nigerian military has been blamed for hurting innocent people while fighting militia groups called bandits in the north-west of the country. The government is calling the gangs “terrorists”.

In 2021, a Nigerian fighter jet accidentally killed at least 20 fishermen while attacking a jihadist camp in north-east Nigeria.

The Nigerian forces have accidentally killed over 300 people since 2017, according to a report by SB Morgen, a research firm.


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