Aisha has turned out to be the biggest joke of the year-Celestine Mambula Mukandila

Lusaka based Lawyer Celestine Mambula Mukandila

By Celestine Mambula Mukandila
Aisha has turned out to be the biggest joke of the year.

His friends are encouraging their citizens to work as hard as they can and be innovative so as to join the apex of USD Millionaires table while he is busy telling us to be happy with being poor and simple.

I think now I understand why Aisha wanted to find ways of grabbing Yo Maps Yo’s Cru Cru. It’s because he wants to be the only one who can afford a cru cru in Zambia.

My advise to @followers is that, forget about the advise from Aisha, if you have a K100pin, just buy yourself a cru cru so that you are able to drive yourself to the Farm.

Ma tractor ya Aisha niyodula !

We are fine with using Ngombe to Farm.

Complements of the season and congratulations to those who have made it to join the apex of USD millionaires table this year.

Meanwhile, I am going cru cru shopping in a few days I just don’t now which one? Maybe Simon Mulenga Mwila Mr. Skide can assist.


  1. It was free advice to everyone, take it or leave it but don’t tell people what to ignore or accept. Just buy your Cru cru if you don’t want a tractor what is your problem?

  2. How did this man become a Lawyer with this shallow level of analyzing issues?
    Inde, nimwe ophunzila.
    Vuto niyakuti muliye nzelu called wisdom!
    You as a Lawyer you claim to be should sail above the political noise!
    Be like the Doctors who carry themselves with professional dignity and acute sense to uphold professional ethics as opposed to getting soiled in the mad of politics!
    Yo Maps is not the first one to have had their assets restricted! As a Lawyer you claim to be, you should know this is a matter of procedure or due process of investigations!
    Instead of malicious attacks on others without concrete evidence, why not push for process improvements or changes?

  3. There is certainly something terribly wrong with the reasoning of PF members. How can any sensible person fault the advice from a successful farmer to invest in a tractor?

  4. Law curriculum needs to be rechecked, honestly the calibre been produced in this field are more criminal than trained maintenance advisors. All our lawyer affiliated persons including the SC who at one time on the tv told the nation ECL is not eligible and now the same lawyer claim ECL his eligible. Is it that our laws here in Zambia changes depending on the side of the law you are standing. Look at this lawyer here he can never say don’t paid legal fees to a lawyer instead his advises people to buy more problems than solution. A tractor is a solution to clean cru cru. Don’t listen to this trained thief.

  5. Mukandila is a thief! Born a thief, brought up as a thief, living as a thief and will die as a thief so he is % a thief with a DNA of a thief.
    Very soon he will be visiting the Financial Crimes Court as a client together with Edgar Lungu and is highly likely to be a prison resident after 5 months. Watch this space!
    Mukandila is JAIL BOUND!!

  6. If you buy a tractor, it will help you work your land more efficiently and thus improve your productivity. With improved productivity you have more income and capacity to buy a CLEAN cru cru (whatever it is).

    If you buy a cru cru from your initial 100 pin, you start spending on maintenance, insurance and fuel right away without the cru cru improving your productivity in any way except to get you to the farm.

    What this lawyer is advising is a classical case of poverty of the mind. He is making fun of sound advice.

    PF adherents are scared of being probed because they know they cannot explain their ill gotten wealth, like someone entrusting US$400000 to a niece for safekeeping. Which normal person does that? What are banks for?

  7. The Mentality of Mukandila candidly summarises why as a country we are in a deep Debt Crisis: Consumption Mentality versus Production Mentality. Chilyata’s description of Mukandila is sarcastic and humorous but maybe true?

  8. These pf’s are “qualified” lawyers like this idiot, for lack of a better term, then they have Dr’s like the side chick Shuwa shuwa or Mwine Fisushi chimbwili and what seems like the only qualified “Ambassador” mwamba. Even ba VJ is not called Amb. All these have one thing in common, what comes out of their mouthes, straight from a cesspool!


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