AKA’s first girlfriend was Enhle Mbali, his father Tony Forbes reveals

The late South African rapper AKA and Enhle Mbali (Pictures via Instagram)

AKA’s father Tony Forbes has revealed that the woman that he always thought the rapper would marry was Enhle Mbali, as she was first person that he was romantically involved with.

AKA and Mbali’s ex-husband, DJ Black Coffee, had a complicated relationship, which culminated in an encounter at the Irock Festival in Limpopo late 2016, where after a misunderstanding Black Coffee slapped AKA’s road manager Tshiamo Letswene.

The slap then led to some behind the scenes drama that saw videos of AKA fighting with some of the show’s organisers as retaliation to Black Coffee’s slap on his road manager.

The incident was followed by a series of tweets and subtweets between the two over the years.

In an interview, Forbes revealed what could have been potentially the source of the feud between the two.

“Friends with Mbali, Mbali was his first girlfriend. Do you know Mbali, Black Coffee’s ex-wife? That was his first. I always thought Mbali was going to be my daughter-in-law.

He added: “I loved Mbali, I still love Mbali. She’s talented, and beautiful, as I love Nadia. That’s my nature.”

In an interview with Phat Joe, Black Coffee detailed were the ill-feeling between the two of them stemmed from.

“AKA started it, I can’t remember which year it was. I had won an award and he tweeted ‘Give Black Coffee a hand’. At the time I didn’t even know the guy and that’s where it started for me.

“It upset me so much the following day I looked for him. I called him and he apologized. I asked him, ‘Dude is there a problem, I don’t even know you, why would you say that?’ He then said the tweet had been taken out of context,” he explained.

“It’s very important for people to know that we are human. He told Phat Joe.

“Two weeks later he (AKA) did a song, where he mentioned that he is so dope that even Black Coffee claps for him,” Black Coffee added. Telly Africa


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