Alebwelelapo lyrics don’t have my name – Miles Sampa


Alebwelelapo lyrics don’t have my name – Miles Sampa

PF president Miles Sampa has washed his hands off the K13.5 million Kalandanya debt contracted by Edgar Lungu’s PF leadership.

Sampa says his name is not mentioned in any of the songs done by the Musical ensemble in the likes of Dandy Crazy, Yo Maps, Mampi, JK, Slap D and a string of other musicians.

Yesterday, High Court Judge Charles Zulu ordered the the former ruling party to pay businessman Bwalya Kalandanya K13.5 million for the 70 campaign songs which were composed by his musicians under his record label Kalandanya music promotions, in attempts to trick the masses into re-electing Lungu on the pretext that God had chosen him to rule Zambia for the third time.

In the wake of the judgement, a debate has erupted about whether it should be Lungu’s or Sampa version of the PF to pay debt.

But Sampa wonders why the Lungu’s faction wants to be in charge when it comes to the selling of party and national assets yet when it comes to debt repayment and other liabilities they lump all the responsibilities on him.

He wondered whether the campaign choir sang about him or Lungu.

“Listen to the songs and hear properly if anywhere in the lyrics or chorus the name Miles Sampa is mentioned,” Sampa argued.

“So when it’s income to PF like sale of the Burma road land its theirs, but debt or liabilities then it’s for Miles Sampa. Listen to the songs and hear properly if anywhere in the lyrics or chorus the name Miles Sampa is mentioned,” he added.

“Anways, I am on Parliamentary duty in Kenya and upon arrival will look at the judgement to see if I or current PF SG Morgan Ngona is mentioned anywhere in the judgement at which point we will establish whether it was a personal or party debt.”

Sampa added that he will inquire from his lawyers on the next course of action and upon establishing facts, he will advise on the way forward which may include doing nothing about the debt.


  1. Zimba did you read the judgement or are you just commenting for the sake of it. Think before you bleat. Sampa is not mentioned but Chilangwa. Idiot.

  2. So this play boy, when he claims to have taken over PF, does taking over mean you only take what you want & leave out what you don’t want? Immaturity nayo Kaya.
    For example, When you take over a used car, you take over all the problems it comes with. Miles, if you didn’t want to take over problems, you register own new party.
    HH didn’t say ‘I will only take over the debt I will accrue” he took over all the problems. He took over a Zambia that started in 1964. Today HH is even being blamed for some problems he found. The blame will only stop once he solves them. And when he solves them you have head him list it as an achievement. Now these fathers of 8 children with 8 different mothers are talking of names.


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