By George Lemba

Fred Namakando M’membe has promised Chiefs that once their subjects vote for him in 2026, all Chiefs will be appointed as Provincial ministers.

M’membe has also said smaller Chiefs will be appointed as district commissioners stating that Chiefs know how to take care of people.

Meanwhile M’membe has also promised village headmen and women that they will also be put on government salaries of not less than K15, 000 (not sure how feasible this is mwe).

Anyway, M’membe lives in utopia.


    • Imwe mwe bantu. So how many ministers are we going to have through out the country. If just one district can have more than 5 chiefs. Ba Mmembe at that age wants to confuse his level of thinking. Ubo ebushilu nomba

      • You could see even his Hitchens were not interested in what he was saying but where busy check on the time to be up so that they get there allowances no one of his appoints believe in him but are there to havea means of nshima
        Hiw can someone in his normal flame of mind say such things which are impossible he is talking of high cost of living which we know but he can’t give solutions

    • When Afuledi is talking like this, it means he’s talking from kumbuyo and only side chicks shuwa2 and zumani get any sense from this barking. Easy to tell when he’s talking from kumbuyo coz Lusaka Province alone has atleast six(6) Chiefs and so all of them will be provincial (Lusaka) minister….yahow???

      • Had Fred Mmembe ever heard of the word called Sustainable? A top heavy cabinet, how is going to sustain such a wage bill? Fred lives in lala (and not the tribe but utopia) land where he thinks the meger taxes can sustain his dreams.
        Further, this is what we said about Socialism. The ruling class living off the workers. Manje imwe ma workers, you think this man will leave anything from your slave wages for you to live off?
        Explains why Advanced Financial Management ina kanga mu ACCA.

  1. If the list I have seen somewhere is anything to go by, then expect to have more than 228 provinces and more than 228 provincial ministers under the madness called government of Stupid Party SP.

    Bushe uku ngatekupena, cinshi ici?

  2. Someone posted what I thought was a very hilarious comment on Facebook. Let me paraphrase it here:”…I am from the Mental Health Department. The person who said these words is one of our patients. He escaped the Hospice. Rest assured we will do whatever it takes to get him back. Thank you”.

  3. Infection with brain chewing virus amongst the opposition leaders grabbing straws trying to float in a flood! Greed for power will itself consume these politicians are visionless jokers trying to give beef to their “No, Never!” Agenda but only focussing to be in plot one!


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