Nawakwi: “…I therefore set out to compile information relating to the frauds in Lima Bank…”

Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) leader, Edith Nawakwi says her interest in the Hatembos was part of her mission to gain information related to her allegations of Hakainde Hichilema’s fraud in Lima Bank.

This was after Hichilema sued her last year, demanding $3-million dollars for defamation allegations that she maintains he dipped his fingers in the liquidation of the bank as CEO of Grant Thornton.

“…I still insist that Hakainde Hichilema dipped his fingers in Lima Bank liquidation, by virtual of him being CEO of Grant Thornton and the joint liquidators, Mulenga and Hamweele being under his charge,” stated Nawakwi during her Press briefing in Lusaka Tuesday.

Nawakwi says she set out to Zimba “to basically talk to witnesses.”

“…and I was privileged to be given access to the Phelunas. The only thing I was looking for, was a Lima Bank and in farm 1924. …that property is purported to have been mortgaged to Lima Bank,” she added.

Pheluna and Milton Hatembo recently lost a case that they accused Hichilema of trespassing on Kalomo’s farm 1924 after the Lusaka High Court ruled that the matter was statute barred.

The duo claim have been in hiding for well over a month and their recent video reveals chilling allegations that Nawakwi has threatened to kill them should they refuse to implicate Hichilema in the land saga.

They also vowed that their blood would be on Nawakwi’s head should anything happen to them, reiterating their statement that they are not held hostage.

However, Nawakwi maintains that Hichilema’s people are keeping the Hatembos to silence them from pursuing the matter of fraud.

She argues that the criminal matter of fraud over the purchase of the farm cannot be limited to time and challenges Hichilema to avail himself before the courts to answer to the charges.

Nawakwi also says she is ready to walk to the police station with her opposition counterpart, UPND’s Hichilema to acquit herself of claims that she is threatening to kill the Hatembos.



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