Alleged Fraudulent Land Scheme Targeting Archbishop Millingo Foiled


In a startling revelation, Patriotic Front (PF) President Miles Bwalya Sampa has brought to light an audacious attempt to defraud Archbishop Emmanuel Millingo of his farmland, a gift bestowed by Zambia’s founding father, Kenneth Kaunda (KK), in the 1970s.

Sampa, who visited the revered Archbishop yesterday, expressed his dismay over the discovery that unscrupulous individuals had allegedly faked Millingo’s National Registration Card (NRC) and proceeded to apply for a replacement title deed for the valuable farmland.

The Ministry of Lands, responsible for overseeing land-related matters, unwittingly fell victim to the purported fraud, removing the caveat on Millingo’s land and initiating the process of issuing a new title deed. If successful, the next step in the scheme could have led to the unauthorized sale of the Archbishop’s property, potentially resulting in his eviction.

Sampa condemned the heartlessness of those behind the attempted fraud, questioning how such a malicious act could be orchestrated against someone as esteemed as Archbishop Millingo. He pledged to investigate the Ministry of Lands, seeking answers on how the fraudulent activity nearly materialized.

Expressing concern for the broader implications, Sampa highlighted the vulnerability of ordinary citizens who may face similar threats to their land ownership. He criticized the Ministry of Lands, suggesting that not only is reform required but also a spiritual cleansing to rid the institution of deep-rooted corruption.

Sampa vowed to protect Archbishop Millingo from any harm, declaring that such nefarious activities would not be tolerated. He called for a comprehensive inquiry into the alleged fraud, stressing the need to safeguard the rights and properties of both prominent figures and ordinary citizens alike.

The revelation has sparked concerns about the security of land tenure in Zambia, prompting calls for heightened scrutiny and measures to ensure the integrity of land transactions and property rights.



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