Alleged Rape Victim Says Bishop John General Insisted To Conduct Prayers From Bedroom

Bishop John General
Bishop John General

THE victim in a case a popular Lusaka evangelist, John Nundwe, alias, John General, has been accused of rape has spoken out saying the Bishop had insisted on praying for her in the bedroom.

The 26-year-old victim is believed to have approached the Bishop so that he could pray for her to prevent her from having miscarriages.

But the cleric, instead, allegedly raped the victim in her matrimonial bed.

During the ordeal, the Bishop allegedly ran away in his naked state and jumped the wall fence after realizing that the victim’s husband had returned home.

Another man who was in his company, an assistant, is believed to have run away, while the Bishop’s car and other belongings were allegedly left behind.

In a video that has gone viral, the victim could be seen seemingly in a distraught mood, being asked what the pastor went to do at her house and she said he went to pray for her.

“Mama, what did the pastor come to do?” A man could be seen asking her in vernacular.

The victim responded “He came to pray for me. He insisted that he needed to pray for me at the area where I stay and that is when he came here,” she said.

The Bishop has since been detained and charged with rape.



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