Allow UKA to hold its rally, says Binwell Mpundu


Allow UKA to hold its rally, says Binwell Mpundu

BINWELL Mpundu, the Independent Nkana Member of Parliament is shocked that UPND who promised to abide by the rule of law have conveniently denied any political groupings from gathering for nearly three years since they ascended to office.

Mr Mpundu said in a statement yesterday that it was disturbing to learn that Mr Jack Mwiimbu the Home Affairs and Internal Security Minister had refused to admit the notification by the United Kwacha Alliance (UKA) to hold a rally in Kafue on the basis that it was not registered.

“The right to assemble is not based on one’s registration but that any individual or a group of people have a right to assemble for as long they comply with the provisions of the law which only require them to notify the police and not to ask for permission from the police.


  1. Mpundu stop trying to fit into being a pfidiot that thinks are above the law. Why should the powers that be allow an individual/organisation that doesn’t legally exist to do anything? Whose going to take responsibility in the event of any breach of the law? Can’t figure out why it seems you’re all fighting for being the stupidest pfidiot!!!!

  2. Here is another idiot who doesn’t appreciate the rule of law. The only thing that he respects is his stomach.


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