Thomas Sipalo writes

Over 20 years ago I attended an audition at ZNBC nyanja section,over 5000 plus people came from all corners of eastern province including Malawi.

ZNBC needed someone talented and could also speak proper chichewa…

From the 5000 plus people who audiotinoned only myself, Henry Bj aka ‘uncle Limbani’ and a lady called Eunice kumwenda were selected to join the section.

The producer Jabbes Mvula and Joseph zulu were castigated for selecting a non easterner to be working under nyanja section by their bosses who assumed being from the opposite province my Eastern lingua would be limited, the producers had a tough time but stood their grounds and convinced them that despite been a westerner I had all the qualities they needed,within a short period I became one of the sections pride, all the people became family and that’s how ‘Difikoti’ was created! …

I was the first non eastern to work at ZNBC nyanja section…

“In life always prove critics wrong through action,do what they think you can’t do, times their expectations …”

End of Part 1


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