Am not bitter and I don’t want a job as a civil servant- Topson Pathias Kunda

Topson Pathias Kunda
Topson Pathias Kunda

By Topson Pathias Kunda

Am not bitter and I don’t want a job as a civil servant.

When I talk it does not mean that am bitter or that I want a job. I have resolved in my life never to be in civil service no matter the the position. This means that I will never work as a diplomat. Secondly I will never work as PS or DC in my life because I want to remain in politics whole my life.

When I talk all I want is those in government to do the correct thing to their friends who are in the party. The only thing I don’t like is people who are selfish and unappreciative. But that does not mean that I want handouts. I don’t like the fact that many of those who suffered when we were in opposition are seen as nothing today . Few people have been blocking others not to meet the president.

I don’t like greediness number one and I don’t like being treated as second class. The other thing is that I don’t like it when I see people destroying UPND government a thing I almost lost my life for hence I speak. There is also no where in UPND/government where people can take their grievances because those in government consider us who are not in government as cadres and we are treated as such. Lastly am not angry no hungry. I make good money because am a hard working man just the way my late poor father was.


  1. You’re free to go join the opposition. You were given an opportunity to stand and the people of Serenje didn’t believe in you twice during the general elections and also during a by-elections. So bwana it’s time you started working and stopped making noise online. If you think PF and Lungu will win. Good luck for you and go and join them. Despite being given resources for campaign you failed terribly. You’re not greatful and only want to work for your tummy. You can’t even see the changes that have taken place in the country. The debts that HH has renegotiating that had brought the economy down was incurred by Lungus regime and ended up defaulting. Do you know what that means? Lungu put KCM in limbo by pretending to take over the mine, and gave it to his friends to loot it. Your brain is foggy! Stop confusing people.


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