Am ready to lose an election – HH


Am ready to lose an election – HH

President Hakainde Hichilema has declared that he will do everything in his power to ensure that cholera is eradicated in Zambia and that he is ready to lose an election because all he cares for are the lives of Zambians he is governing.

President Hichilema has also directed the Ministry of Health to employ all the volunteers in cholera centres.

Credit – Daily Nation


  1. This guy is a true definition of a conman. Not those we see parading along the streets o f Katondo. Cholera isn’t an issue here if you’re to look at the bigger picture.
    Hunger is, people compromise with hygiene because there’s less food in their homes, they recycle left overs, they can’t drink purified bottled water because it’s expensive, Lusaka residents in compounds have to que for water in those communal water kiosks. People are clouded, pit latrines have increased in numbers the water tables in lusaka will be contaminated with time.
    Bottom line. Worsening the already poor living standards has caused this.
    Zimbabwe was hit with cholera immediately Obama slapped them with harshest of sanctions. Which also benefitted Zambian men(if you know what i mean).


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