Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba reports Kapala to ACC over oil tender contract

Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba

Mwamba reports Kapala to ACC over oil tender contract

PF president aspirant Emmanuel Mwamba has asked the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) to investigate corruption allegations against Energy Minister Peter Kapala that he awarded an oil tender to Transworld without following tender procedures.

And Mwamba has stated that the controversy surrounding this scandal, highlights the need for thorough investigations into the matter to ensure transparency and accountability in the government procurement processes and the current crisis at the Ministry of Energy.

Meanwhile, Mwamba has told the ACC that the scandal has cast a shadow over the government’s credibility and that stakeholders are eagerly awaiting a response from Kapala and other relevant authorities.

In a letter dated November 10, 2012, with a subject, “Corruption at Ministry of Energy,” Mwamba has stated that on Monday, November 06, 2023, the …


  1. These are the checks and balances we need not your usual PF propaganda. Remember, they say he who alledges must prove. Hope you have submitted credible evidence to ACC.


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