Johnny Depp threw a phone at Amber Heard and called her ‘Amber Turd’ after she allegedly defecated in their bed after a blazing row on her 30th birthday party in which he threw a champagne bottle at her, a court heard today.

The 57-year-old actor is being cross-examined by The Sun’s lawyer on the fourth day of his libel trial at the High Court in London, where he is facing questions about alleged assault against his ex-wife in LA in 2016.

The court was shown a photograph of Heard’s bruised face after she claims Depp hurled a phone at his face as they argued over the so-called ‘defecation incident’ a month after the Hollywood legend decided to divorce his wife over the soiling of their bed.

The actor told the court he believes that Heard, 34, was responsible for the defecation but under questioning admitted that it could have been her ‘crass’ trans activist friend iO Tillet Wright.

He arrived at Heard’s birthday party on April 21, 2016 around two hours late after receiving some bad news about his financial affairs from his accountants and smoking cannabis to relieve his stress.

The Hollywood legend admitted that he went to bed to read a book after Heard’s guests had gone and started arguing with her about his behaviour.

As the confrontation escalated, Heard claims that her ex-husband threw a magnum champagne bottle at her and shoved her to the floor several times before leaving a note reading ‘Happy F***ing Birthday’.

Depp claims that Heard had been ‘drinking heavily’ and attacked him while he was reading in bed, punching him in the face four times before he grabbed her arms to stop her.

He says the next day Heard or one of her friends ‘defecated’ in their marital bed, and he believes Heard was responsible after she later told the building manager that it was ‘just a harmless prank’ – at which point Depp ‘resolved’ to divorce her.

He denied that their small dog could have been responsible for the faeces, but admitted that Wright could have been responsible and he could not be certain it was Heard. The actor also admitted laughing about the faeces the day after the incident and making ‘Amber Turd’ jokes.

A month later he came to collect his things from their LA apartment after deciding to divorce Heard over the defecation incident and another row began, during which Heard claims he threw the phone but Depp claims he did not touch her.

Depp is suing The Sun for libel after it labelled him a ‘wife beater’. He called the accusation ‘utter falsity’ and ‘fraudulent’ and has claimed Heard abused him throughout their marriage.


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