UPND Secretary General Batuke Imenda
UPND Secretary General Batuke Imenda


Authored By Mupishi Jones

Dear Sir,
I hope this letter finds you in good spirit.I know you’re away from the comfort of your own house on national duty in the countryside checking on government projects, specifically the CDF programs.I have been following keenly how you’ve been encouraging council officials, including other district officials to diligently serve the people within their localities.I have also been following how you have been passionately reprimanding those council officers whose performance in service delivery was below par.

Sir, I have also read and heard comments both on social media and mainstream media against what you are doing just because you are not a civil servant.

It is such comments Sir that prompted me to pen this open letter to you.Sir,I strongly believe that countries have been destroyed not by bad citizens doing harm to their own countries but by good citizens who choose to remain quiet when seeing bad citizens doing bad things to the country to which both are entitled.

Secondly, countries have also been destroyed and lagged behind because a few concerned citizens who are going beyond their limits to try and improve the welfare of their countries are being ruthlessly criticized and discouraged by a few disgruntled citizens with their own selfish agendas and yet the majority of the citizens choose to remain mute.

Sir, I’m not going to be among those who will choose to remain quiet when I see a few individuals, doing alot for the good of our country.

I’m writing this letter to remind and encourage you that what you’re doing is the true definition of “servant of the masses”.

You’re doing what every right thinking Secretary General of a ruling political party should do.

Sir, you’re a Chief Executive Officer of a political party that went out there in the same countryside you’re touring today to campaign to the same people you’re visiting today that once they vote for your political party, you’re going to introduce free education, you’re going to build extra classroom blocks, you’re going to build those broken bridges.

Now that the people after listening to your message, voted and ushered your political party to form government,do the people expect you to sit back and watch from a distance? When the promised new classroom block is not being built, the people will simply say the UPND party lied to us, and who is the CEO of UPND, it’s yourself Sir!

It was you leading a group of like minded people and not civil servants, who were going round the country promising citizens of a better life when they vote for you.Civil servants are employed by your government to execute your political party’s promises to the people.

The people in government are accountable to you as a Chief Executive Officer.Even the President is accountable to you as a Chief Executive Officer of the ruling political party on which ticket he stood.In other advanced countries, sitting Presidents, Members of Parliaments that are not towing their political party’s beliefs are recalled to the party’s secretariat and reprimanded even dismissed!
Sir, you’re a Chief Supervisor of government deliverables on behalf of the masses.If the sitting government doesn’t seem to be delivering to the citizens expectations, it’s your political party that gets punished and not civil servants.

Sir,no one should tell you that you’re not supposed to go out there and check for yourself how the government you employed is performing! It is both your duty and mandate to monitor how your political party members in government positions and political party ranks are performing.Their KPIs are deliverables to the citizens you were promising during your campaigns.

Finally,I want to remind you Sir that you’re a custodian of everything that UPND holds and stands for. In an event that the UPND is sued,it is you,in your capacity as CEO they’re sueing and not anyone else,
As I submit,I hope my open letter to you Sir, will give you encouragement to continue with what you’re currently doing
Thank you

Mupishi Jones


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