ANC pledges its support to ZANU PF


Amid controversy and a vote of no confidence from several Observer Missions including SADC on Zimbabwe’s elections, the South African Ruling Party, ANC has pledged its support to ZANU PF.

In a picture of a ZANU PF Rally sent through X (Twitter), the political party’s Secretary General Fikile Mbalula captioned the picture with ” ZANU PF strong support the ground”.

The statement has been interpreted by many social media users as a sign of allegiance to ZANU PF.

Mbalula has been on record saying CCC was a puppet party hence his latest statement showing support to ZANU PF.

With SADC statement, it is now common knowledge that the Regional Bloc is heading for tough times ahead as most Ruling Parties are revolutionary parties and will most likely lean towards ZANU PF.

Source – Byo24News


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