Angry at UK minister for abandoning Dubai climate talks


Charities and politicians who disagree with the government are upset that Graham Stuart, who is in charge of climate issues in the UK, has left the talks about the environment in Dubai before they are finished.

He went back to the UK to vote in Parliament tonight. Rishi Sunak is working hard to get support for his Rwanda bill.

ActionAid said Stuart leaving was a big disappointment to the countries asking the UK to take action against major polluters.

Oxfam said it’s very sad that UK representatives flew home from important climate talks just when they were needed the most.

Green MP Caroline Lucas said that the government has lost any remaining moral authority in dealing with the climate emergency.

Stuart said again that the UK will only agree to a statement that says they will stop using fossil fuels to help the climate.

We want to know if this means the UK will reject any deal that doesn’t include the language.

The UK government says that their main negotiator and Lord Benyon, who is a junior minister for climate, are still representing the country at the talks.

More update on this story soon…


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