Fr Patrick Mupula, the Vocations Director for the Conventual Franciscan Friars in Zambia based at St Joseph’s Mission – Franciscan Formation in Kalumbwa, Kalulushi district has raised concern over the current hardship and suffering of the masses.

Fr Mupula has also wondered why the authorities were so keen on intimidating the priests whenever they voice out regarding the suffering of the people.

“Abantu monse umo bapitila baleilishanya ukweba atishani ati imikalile yakosa. So kulingile kwaba umusango umuno uwakwafwilishamo pakweba ati ifintu fyaba bwino. Nomba nga twalandako ati imwe mulelanda fye pali Bible nokuya ku mulu,” Fr Mupula said. “…pa ng’anda umwana nga lila wemufyashi uli ngile wakuti. Waumfwa nechilelenga ukuti aleilishanya. Nomba nga kwaba ifi kwaba ukulatintana, bushe mukekata banga?”

Fr Mupula said Christian faithfuls could not preoccupy themselves and wait for heaven whilst enduring suffering on earth because heaven must begin on earth – in people’s homes.

Fr Mupula is right. There is so much suffering and hardship in the country right now. And it will not be in the interest of masses if those God charged with the responsibility to shepherd his children- priests, reverends, pastors etc- kept quiet about the situation and the dangers it poses to society.

Our religious and traditional leaders deserve to have a voice in the affairs of the country and the people. The cowardice of using law enforcement especially the police in intimidating and arresting of those criticizing the current political order will not work.

This country is miserable and bleeding from hardship. And naturally, the people need to vent their pain, frustration and anger at what they are seeing and going through. So as long as the hardship continues, public disapproval and dissent will continue.

The UPND must be willing to lock up the entire population for speaking the truth, if they’re to silence everyone.

Insala naichilamo elo kabili teti musunge abantu abali ne nsala mu busha! It’s impossible!

Fred M’membe
President of the Socialist Party


  1. How many tribals of priests in catholic church??why only one regional of priests are on roghead with upnd??? Very is number of tribals in catholic church but only one tribal is always provoking the government why???Whom do you want to grow maize for you? your fellow priests in other parishes they grow maize you busy talking nosense.people went with empty head and came out with empty head what a wast of time instead of preaching word of God the catholic it has gone to the Dogs the catholic I knew those days it was nice after mass could visit people in the community not this crop of priests we have is shamefulness, members are running away from catholic church and joining other churches because in this church they are no longer preaching the gospel but politics.

  2. Mankind is always impatient. When Moses was leading the Israeli out of Egypt they were impatient for things. When moses went up on the mountain to pray they made little gods to worship. They lacked patience. HH is being blamed for the drought etc. Can the clergy not explain to the people all this and at least point out the good he has done so far.


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