Call for Respect

By Chomba Kaoma

Honestly speaking President Hichilema’s house is very beautiful and admirable more especially when I see some pictures of the interior, by Far you can tell that the First Lady Madam Mutinta is a very classy woman. You can simply tell by the interior Decorations and the expensive Italian Chairs she settled for in there multiple living Rooms.

Coming to Nkwazi house the issue of renovations is just a pure lie, truth be told the only things that are changed whenever new occupants are about to move in are Carpets, Furniture, plates, beds, curtains and abite of painting here and there. It’s not that the house is in a deplorable state as Antony is trying to put in No!!

The Fact here is that President Hichilema and his family are just comfortable in there home and not that his trying to save any money, you can’t compare the money Government spends on his logistics and transport every month, just to move him from community house to state house.

Antony Bwalya should learn to choose his words rightly because that house his demeaning to his level is the official residence for President’s who lead this country. Antony should not try to reduce the former President to his level like Chushi Kasanda because Former President Edgar Lungu shall always be a recognized statesman who once led this country and not appointed to save on small positions like that of Him and Chushi today!!

Kwateniko umuchinshi bane


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