Authored By Mupishi Jones

You can build airports,you can commission dual carriage roads, you can commission spacecrafts but as long as they don’t change poor people’s lives directly, that is not development! A country can have top class hotels,well tarred roads, state of the arts airports but as long as the majority of its citizens are poor, living in an unsanitary environment,then that country is a poor country!

If I was to prioritise between commissioning a high-tech airport and toilets for over 1200 poor people in an forgotten shanty compound tucked somewhere on the copperbelt, I’d rather commission the toilets for the simple reason that these toilets, will directly touch my poor people’s lives.Those condemning this act by the President, they’re doing it out of spite for political expediency.
It’s only a person whose focus is on the least privileged of his citizens can re-align fuel subsidy to provide free education especially to the most vulnerable people in his society.The unsubsidised fuel pump price is painful but the benefits of prioritising free education to all of your citizens is paramount.

It takes compassionate for a leader to take K30.6m from the centre and shift it to constituencies for the ordinary people themselves to be deciding on their priorities on how to use that money within their localities.This instills a sense of belonging to the government.The people also take ownership of whatever infrastructure or project they’ve implemented.

Zambians must remember from experience that it’s highly tempting for a leader to distribute government jobs and contracts to his kingsmen,cadres and friends, but when you have a leader who employs citizens based only on clearly defined pre-qualifications,then that leader has a heart for all his people regardless of their petty political partisan affiliation.It takes a genuinely compassionate President to abolish partisan political caderism that we experienced before in public places such as bus stations and markets even at the risk of rejection from his own political cadres!

There is a group of citizens whose agenda is either to create or look for faults in whatever President Hakainde Hichilema does or says at all costs.We are not saying President Hakainde Hichilema is a saint, but all we’re saying is let’s encourage him where he’s doing right and provide alternative where we feel he’s on the wrong trajectory unlike what we’re seeing from some sections of opposition political leaders.The trend has been listening , reading, watching in order to pick faults and omitting the bigger picture.Even when President Hakainde Hichilema is visibly seen to be spending sleepless nights,globe-trotting to bring back life to the citizens of the copperbelt, these people will still manufacture faults and condemn the President.

Sometimes when I see a cow chewing cud, and listen to some people condemning everything that the President does such as commissioning over 1,200 toilets for the less fortunate citizens on the copperbelt,I honestly see sense in the cow!
I submit

Mupishi Jones


  1. I think the problem is the Govt itself.
    We know the people driving false propaganda in Zambia like Emmanuel Mwamba, Fred Mmembe, Edgar Lungu, KBN’s Kevin Mambwe, etc.
    These are the Kings of false propaganda against our Govt but somehow no one is brave enough to take decisive legal action these prophets of doom. You cant allow such lawlessness, this is not democracy!! Perhaps HH himself needs to do something.
    The PIG is now doing what politicians are supposed to be doing. It’s like ND politicians still think they are in opposition and someone is restricting them from doing the right things.

  2. Leka ubushilu, iwe. Doesn’t the KK international airport touch people’s lives? You justify HH’s travel overseas on the premise that it brings numerous benefits to Zambia. So, are you now telling us that those are the typical HH and UPND lies doled out to Zambian? What is it that HH and UPND says that we should now believe going by your unintelligent discussion here?

  3. With due respect,Mr Mupishi Jones, your argument in support of HH does not cut the mustard.
    The comparators in your piece in rebuttal of the matter in contention are quite frail!
    To cut to the chase, development of a country anywhere,is judged on how well the least of its citizens are treated and cared for! Public services (infrastructure – health, education, transport, housing, security ( -including food-) are the
    markers of development. The least of society will easily be cared for through adequate infrastructure provision.The elite will also benefit. Access to public services in foreign countries would be a thing of the past. Prioritising the building of mansions etc to building infrastructure is the wrong way.
    The mere building of toilets is giving someone fish instead of showing them how to fish.
    Planning permission should normally include a sewage grid. A local government functionary should handed over the toilets instead of the whole Eagle One!!


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