Appointing Traditional Leaders As Civic Leaders So Demeaning To Royal Leadership- Mweetwa

Cornelius Mweetwa


Choma-Saturday, February 10

Minister of Information and Media Cornelius Mweetwa said he is disappointed by the Socialist Party president Fred M’membe’s suggestions that he would want to demean the integrity of traditional leaders by appointing them as civic leaders.

Speaking in Choma District at the handing over of Youth empowerment and sports kits to community sports teams by the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Arts, Mr Mweetwa charged that traditional leadership is a well-respected group of people to submit to him.

He further advised the opposition party leader not to involve traditional chiefs in Politics adding that traditional leadership has its unique way of ascending to the throne.

“M’membe’s Promise to put Traditional Leaders as Provincial Ministers and DCs is an insult to our great traditional Leadership in the country because our traditional leaders cannot be reduced to Chola boys” he said.

He has since indicated that the Socialist Party Leader’s briefing lacked important issues that they will do for the Zambian people apart from demeaning traditional leadership.

Meanwhile, Minister of Youths Sports and Arts Elvis Nkandu has refuted claims by the opposition political parties citing that the United Party for National Development UPND government has failed to deliver on the aspirations of the Zambian people.

Mr Nkandu while acknowledging the challenges facing the country, said that the government has also far responded to the many campaign promises.

The Kaputa lawmaker charged that the opposition should give the UPND administration a chance to deliver as opposed to unconstructive criticism that the government has failed.

He further acknowledged that the UPND government is aware of the high prices of fuel and the cost of living afflicting many Zambians in the country.

He, however, assured that President Hakainde Hichilema’s UPND administration was working tirelessly to improve the human index to benefit Zambians within its given mandate.

“We are aware of the challenges our people were faced with, but for some individuals to say the UPND government has failed, I think that is not sincere and if properly checked they may not be in their right frame of mind because in the space of two years and some months, while there challenges to be addressed, we have on the other hand achieved a lot of things as the UPND government,” he said.

He said those saying that this government has failed are just bitter that UPND set high standards.

“It is what this government has achieved that even political parties are opting to use chiefs in their cheap propaganda instead of providing checks and balances,” said Nkandu.


  1. UPND, understand one thing. Get to the source of funding for Meembe and PF.
    We have said that you have the authority to cage these guys but muwayawaya.
    ECL is very serious to try and cover his would be cases if it happens.
    What did Emmanuel mwanba go to do in the US?
    Deal with ECL’s immunity and its game over.
    All previous Presidents used the same tool to clamp pervious heads seals all this nonses.
    I FDD had their expected funding blocked by intelligence and that crippled us completely. Ask Edith!

    • He wants the country to go back to the era when chiefs took part in party/partisan politics. The Litunga was a member of the UNIP Central Committee. Chief’s Nalubamba, Mukumbi and Inyambo Yeta were involved in partisan politics. It was not good.

  2. This government is full of stupid beings. Why gather all government’s media mics to respond to the nonsensical lies(political promises) of M’membe which concerns no one in government, when the daily Kwacha depreciation and skyrocketing inflation rates are going unaccounted for?. These ministers are so misplaced.

  3. I took Fred Namakando Mmembe to be a man who understands the complexity of chiefs and chiefdoms in Zambia. I didn’t know that the man is just a lousy deceiver and liar who can cause anarchy in the chiefdoms.
    Mmembe says that if ( for some fluke ) he becomes President, he would scrap the office of provincial minister and district Commissioner, and would set up provincial and district councils, with such councils headed by the senior most chiefs in the provinces and districts.
    Now let’s take Northwestern Province There are several senior chiefs in the province, and one single chief is above the others. There are Lunda senior chiefs, Luvale senior chiefs , Kaonde senior chiefs, Mbunda senior chiefs and Luchazi senior chiefs. Which one in Mmembe’s warped up mind is the most senior to be appointed? Zambezi district has two senior chiefs – Ndungu and Shinde. Which one is the senior most to be appointed by Mmembe? Like wise, Eastern Province has the Ngwenyama Mpezeni and Gawa Undi. Which one would Mmembe appoint?
    If Mmembe is trying to manipulate the minds of certain chiefs, he must be told that he is thinking like a mad man. Mmembe can cause tribal fights.He must be avoided like a plaque.


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