Archbishop Mpundu Calls On Us Sanctions Misplaced

Telesphore Mpundu


By Mark Simuuwe

OCIDA asking the US to impose sanctions on UPND top leadership is total misplacement of priorities .

Firstly, UPND has not even enforced the oppressive Cyber Security and Cyber Crime Act enacted by the PF government . It is important that this piece of legislation is enforced so that OCIDA can see the difference between the UPND, and the PF whom they support .

Secondly , the group making such calls have forgotten about compensating of Lawrence Banda , Kasongo , Nsama Nsama , Joseph Kaunda among others that were killed by OCIDA friends the PF , the when they were running the country. OCIDA should know that the aforesaid are dead and they will never come back . This should be the starting point; we first sanction all those that killed .

Thirdly , OCIDA should have been asking for the arresting of former ministers and the former head of state for crime against humanity reported to the UN by the UPND after the 2016 rigged elections, arising from the killings that were witnessed and people that still have bullets in their bodies to date .

Fourthly , if OCIDA means well for our country, they should be admitting that there is no bloodshed and arbitrary arrests except those involving those that either allegedly stole public funds , or have abused their freedom of expression by moving from democracy to insults and character assassination .

Further , while we are coming from a government that closed media houses critical of government, no media house has been closed by the UPND government . Even the same OCIDA is free to go all over the media which freedom they were not given by ECL.

Lastly , OCIDA should also accept that while it was fashionable for ECL to arrest whoever defamed him , the criminal defamation clause was removed from the Penal Code cap 87 of the laws of Zambia by the UPND New Dawn Administration, which law has enhanced freedoms of expression.


  1. Archbishop Mpundu spoke for your HH when he was incacerated. OCiDA together with Archbishop Mpundu took up an important role in pleading with influential persons in Northeastern Zambia to give support to HH and the UPND in the firm belief they would do things differently from the PF. Today you want to paint Archbishop Mpundu black because he disagrees with HH and UPND’s misrule. Ala muletasha mwe bana ba ndoshi. Where would your HH and UPND be without the critical role played by OCiDA, Archbishop Mpundu and other civil society persons and organisations in mobilizing support for you in Northeastern Zambia?

  2. Kabili Simuuwe is Tonga, in his eyes no Tonga person does anything wrong, as long he’s a fellow Tongas (Hichilema) is always right! And this article he had written, there’s no substance in it! Archbishop Mpundu has raised very important and real issues, Simuuwe is bringing kindergarten lies about 2016 rigged elections! If anything it’s the Upnd which rigged the 2016 elections in Southern, Western and North-Western provinces. A lot of people in those areas voted more than once, and were being transported by organized trucks. Infact it’s in the 2016 rigging by Upnd where PF should have shut down Upnd rigging tactics before 2021, by looking at the number of registered voters and the number of votes cast in 2016. So because Upnd cheated their way into government, they have failed to rule! It’s total chaos in the country! Ati ifya kulya ubushiku ba fimwena ku malushi! When rigging you thought you were clever, but God is punishing you through failure to rule! So Archbishop Mpundu has done a very good job, otherwise if we let this dictatorship of Hichilema continue, we shall soon end up being worse than Zimbabwe economically. Now Archbishop Mpundu when he decided to support a party with a regional base, he didn’t know he was supporting problems! Because Upnd’s rule is regionally based, because their support is from Southerners, Westerners and North-Westerners! So even the ministers top parastatal managers are from those areas. Very sad for Zambia. The country is now divided into two, and there’s nothing Hichilema will do to change that because he’s being viewed as a tribal politician! I just hope USA will follow what the Archbishop has written as they are facts and help us in all possible ways, before we become another Zimbabwe using US $ , instead of our beloved now depreciated Kwacha (dawn) as our fore-fathers named our currency!

  3. This bishop should be calling on God to put sunctions on Satan and his minows.
    This type of Churching by this Bishop is what stops me from attending church and seek God without his help.
    Shame on you Bishop as you are just like the Pope who now wants us to recognize a Sin God so much condems

  4. Actually he was very critical of PF and his contribution to the struggle can be likened to that of Gary in my opinion
    What has shocked us is the change in goalposts so soon!
    UPND has struggled so much to bring this country to normalcy in a very short time
    Bishop Mpundu is very much aware of these challenges or just mess to put it straight, left by the defunct TuPF criminal government
    But strangely, he’s completely ignored the successes scored by the ND government whilst the international community is busy lavishing encomiums on the country so far
    Surely HH7 is not a God so he’s bound to make mistakes, therefore, as we correct him let’s praise him too or tick on his scoreboard
    ‘Kwindi alasuma nokuputilisha”, will be the right way to go
    One of the things he’s talking about is regionalism
    This country was polarized, particularly in the last 10 years
    Government and its institutions were dominated by the people from the northern region, similar to the map showing the distribution of political parties
    No president ever came from the southern region of the country since independence, but those people voted fairly all the time
    Eventually a credible leader from their region has emerged
    Firstly this act has brought tremendous stability in the country
    Every part of the country is feeling the state of inclusiveness in leadership, no doubt about that
    The same way we felt of having our own is the same way our friends are feeling, whether you like it or not it’s there please don’t pretend
    The full impact of One Zambia One Nation is complete
    Secondly, do you think they will allow him to continue maintaining the same status quo?
    No way, hence the term equalisation
    If we’re One Zambia One Nation then fair distribution of positions must not be done but it must be seen to be done
    The scale was so tipped to one side it would seem as if only one region is being favoured and yet not
    The other thing we must be aware of is that the positions are being filled by competent Zambians who are performing unlike in the past
    However, if Zambians and the Bishop Mpundu still feel that HH7 is being tribal, well, ubucenjeshi bwankoko pungwa tasakamana
    2026 is coming, vote him out, after all you have the numbers, with or without the Mampatizya formula
    I submit


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