Argentina’s first female saint made as Pope and Milei meet

The occasion marked the first meeting between Argentina's President Javier Milei and Pope Francis

The first female saint from Argentina was made a saint on Sunday. It was the first time that Pope Francis and the president of Argentina met in person.

The President, Javier Milei, who believes in libertarian ideas, had said before that the Pope is an “idiot” and supports communism.

After he started his job in December, he has been less critical.

Mr Milei went to the Vatican to attend a Mass at St. Peter’s Basilica There, he met and hugged the 87-year-old Pope.

They will see each other again in a private meeting at the Vatican on Monday.

María Antonia de Paz y Figueroa, also known as Mama Antula, was a woman in the 18th century who some people think was the first feminist in Argentina.

She gave up her family’s wealth to help the poor and keep the Jesuit movement going in Argentina, even after the religious order was stopped.

The Pope said on Friday that she is a special person for the people in Argentina and for the whole Church.

The political and religious leaders are meeting in Argentina at a time when the country is facing big political problems. Inflation is very high at 200% and 40% of the people are living in poverty.

Many people in Argentina are very upset about Mr. Milei’s plans to cut spending and decrease the value of their money by 50%.

He said he wants to take away some of the protections for workers, get rid of limits on how much landlords can charge for rent, and stop the government from giving money to help people buy things they need every day.

Mr Milei says the country needs big and quick changes to fix its really bad economic problems.

Soon after winning the election in November, Mr. Milei asked the Pope to come to Argentina in 2024. He called the Pope “Your Holiness”.

The religious leader from Buenos Aires hasn’t gone back to his home country since he became Pope in 2013.


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