Army of Sudan takes over national broadcasting facility


Sudan’s army has taken over control of the state broadcast headquarters from the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) on Tuesday. This is a big step forward in their fight against each other in the war that has been going on for almost a year.

The broadcast building is in Omdurman, a city across the River Nile from Khartoum. It is part of Sudan’s capital and has experienced a lot of fighting around military bases, bridges, and supply routes.

Fighting is still happening in Sudan, even though the United Nations said there should be a break in the fighting to bring help to people who need it during Ramadan. Ramadan started on Monday.

The RSF liked the truce call, but a high-ranking general in the army did not. The army has been getting stronger and winning battles in Omdurman recently.

Taking over the state broadcast building would give them control of the northern part of “old Omdurman. ” However, the RSF still has control of the southern and western areas of the city.

Onlookers saw the army using drones in Omdurman to fight against the RSF. The army usually relies on air power and heavy weapons to counter the RSF’s infantry advantage. They are trying to regain control of the area.

The RSF did not comment right away.

In mid-April 2023, the RSF took control of the state broadcast building and used it and other public buildings for military operations as fighting started.

TV and radio have been airing from Port Sudan, a city on the Red Sea coast. Officials connected to the army have been working from there since the RSF took control of parts of the capital at the start of the war.
‘Voice of the nation’ can be rewritten as “The nation’s voice. ”

The army posted a video on Tuesday that showed some of its troops near the radio and TV building. They were cheering after seizing vehicles and weapons. The location of the video was confirmed by Reuters.

On social media, people who support the army were happy that they were able to free what they thought of as the “voice of the nation. ”

“Today the army won a big battle, but what matters most is bringing back safety, healthcare, and schooling,” said Safaa Ali, a 39-year-old government worker from Omdurman who moved to Port Sudan in May.

She asked, “Who will pay us for the things that were stolen and the homes that were destroyed in the war. ” when she spoke to Reuters on the phone.

Fighting broke out in Sudan in April 2023 between the army and RSF because they couldn’t agree on a plan for civilian rule.

In 2021, two groups tried to take control of the government which caused problems after the 2019 overthrow of the former leader Omar al-Bashir. Then they started fighting with each other.

The war destroyed the capital city, caused a lot of people to be killed because of their ethnicity in Darfur, and made a lot of people have to leave their homes.

Over 8 million people have left their homes and there is more hunger.

The fight has involved neighboring countries. Experts say that the United Arab Emirates supports the RSF, while Egypt, Eritrea, and Iran support the army.


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