Arnold Schwarzenegger imprisoned over EU levy on expensive watches

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger was detained at a German airport for failing to declare the expensive watch he was carrying to sell for charity.

The famous actor was delayed for three hours at Munich airport on Wednesday.

An inquiry into suspected tax dodging was started because the watch was supposed to be sold in the European Union (EU).

Under EU rules, if you bring more than €10,000 in cash or valuable items, you need to report it.

But someone who knows about it said to CBS News, the BBC’s American partner, that Schwarzenegger was not told to complete a form.

The person who is an actor, politician and someone who worries about climate change, was finally able to give the tax money, but had to solve a lot of problems first.

After the first card machine didn’t work, they found out the nearest bank was closed and the ATM would only let them take out a small amount of money. So the 76-year-old had to wait for customs officials to bring a new card machine.

The actor’s spokesperson told a German magazine that the airport incident was really funny and would make a great police movie full of mistakes.

Bild reported that he was not upset about the incident. They published a picture of Schwarzenegger smiling and holding a box with a note that said “For Austria. ”

Local news reported that the watch was specially made for the actor from the Terminator movie by a fancy watch company called Audemars Piguet. Their watches can cost a lot of money, sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The watch was going to be sold at a dinner to raise money for The Schwarzenegger Climate Initiative in Kitzbuhel, Austria, which is about 89 km (55 miles) from Munich. The dinner was going to happen on Thursday.

A statement about the event happening at the fancy Stanglwirt hotel said that there will be art, signed items, and experiences from sports and movies available for purchase.

Auction information for the watch, found by Bild, said it was one of just 20 made, and would come with a picture of Arnold in his famous pose and the words “Arnold Classic”. The bidding price starts at €50,000.


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