Arrest Munyaule Facebook Page Admins For Propagating War – Mwanajiti



GOVERNANCE Activist Ngande Mwanajiti has asked the Zambia Police Service and Zambia Information and Communication Technology Agency – ZICTA to arrest the people running the ‘Munyaule Zambia’ Facebook page.

Mwanajiti says the page has been constantly urging citizens to wage civil war to get rid of the current Government which he says is a serious threat to national security.

He says it is unfair for Law Enforcement Agencies to remain quiet when a Facebook page with a huge following is consistently calling for civil war.

Mwanajiti says the people behind the Facebook page must quickly be brought to book before they lead the country into conflict.

And Political Scientist Paul Simfukwe said the Zambia Police and ZICTA should get serious on matters that affect national security and take the necessary actions.

Simfukwe feels that the current regime is too tolerant of politically aligned criminals who threaten the well being of the nation.

Among the published posts on the blog is urging citizens to consider going for a civil war if President Hakainde Hichilema is to be booted out of office.

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  1. Just ignore the warmongers. They are still grieving their lost of easy source of income through their corrupt masters, PF.

    Zambians are not so foolish as to listen to such drivel. If there was ever justification for civil war, it was during the PF reign of terror. They took away our freedoms and brutalized us but we kept our cool and showed them the door at the right time.

    Whoever is behind those Facebook publications has realized that their party stands no chance of dislodging the UPND from power hence their advocating unlawful means to achieve their evil ends. It won’t work.


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