By Mark Simuuwe

The behaviour by some police officers to accept to be used as political tools will one day backfire- do not say you were not warned.

what a politician does in times of vengeance has no regard to who sent you but sweeps through all those who were part of the scheme.

We are looking for men and women in uniform of high integrity. Men and women who cannot be bought, men and women who are ready to resign for purposes of defending this country’s democracy. In any case, nobody has ever died of hunger after resigning on moral grounds.

The idea to arrest the Queen ,Mukuni is a serious indictment on the traditional leadership of this country.

Sadly, many traditional leaders are quiet- they are allowing it…soon it will catch up with them. This is very unfortunate. Today, it is Queen Mukuni ,tomorrow it will be Queen Mpezeni, Kazembe, Musele or Litunga etc.

We are ,undoubtedly ,sowing a seed of discord in the country by drawing the traditional leadership into our spheres of political blackmail.

Let me draw my inference from social media discussions as a cause of the arrest …that there are issues of the Hatembos….From whatever angle you look at it, the Hatembo matter is a political matter aimed at getting to HH ,but it is now sour grapes. This is a political maneuver which ,for some people, must be sustained for political expedience . But it is a failed project from the point of law.

Let us assume, police have got it right on Queen Mukuni; the first question would be , is it abduction or hiding? Let us assume police got it right on Sejani, and Mazabuka Mayor, the question still remains- is it abduction or hiding?

These are critical questions the people pursuing the matter must answer.

The other question which begs an answer is… are the Hatembos criminals ? who wants them seen at all cost?

Only ECL can answer these questions …

It is difficult for a lawyer to decipher the project aimed at stifling the national election agenda; It is a costly exercise which President Edgar Lungu must calculate very well, if at all he has advisors.

If ECL handlers have done a survey like some of us , across the country, to ascertain the political atmosphere , he will immediately drop the agenda being propagated and then seek for truce and reconciliation.

Under the circumstances, what is being done is an experiment in futility. ECL must start redeeming the lost time and reunite the country. The approach those power hungry handlers are giving him is too costly to explore.

Further, you cannot force a court process against opponents using political gymnastics. Let lawyers be lawyers, let politicians be politicians., and let the corrupt remain in corruption. Corrupt people must pay as such.

ECL should not accept to carry the cross of other people who willfully engaged themselves in dirty activities; cilamuntu neciwa cakwe.

The political upheaval some police officers are embroiled in is failed blackmail. we must sober up as a country and practice politics of integrity. we cannot continue sowing terrorism in a country for the sake of our political survival.

Millions of Zambians are living in abject poverty, yet government is not giving any hope to the ailing economy. Citizens are hoping for salvation from above ,as many strategies have been overtaken by politics.

Government have exhausted their economic strategies- they have no solution to Zambia’s debt mountain. and they have failed to engage the international financial institutions. This failure to run the country has brought fear and anxiety in view of the fast approaching general elections.

ECL and friends are so scared of losing power and now believe their future lie in a political crack down of opponents. In Southern Africa, no country is run that way.

The earlier ECL and friends prepare for a possible exit in August ,the better for themselves. They need to start redeeming time and start reconciling with their opponents.

Our biggest enemy in Zambia is poverty and not political opponents.


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