As 2021 approaches, the scramble for Chipata Central is gaining momentum.
So far five people including one lady have shown interest to contest the seat in August 2021.

These are Amon Jere, Donald Solomon Tembo, Zindaba Soko, Lucy Grand Phiri and a youth Aaron Zimba. They could be more, whom we are yet to know.

Amon Jere, has experience in managing commercial teams in both fixed and mobile telecoms. He worked for Celtel Zambia as Sales and Distribution Director and thereafter worked in the same capacity at Celtel Kenya. He also joined Vodafone Ghana as Sales Director, before joining Zamtel as Chief Commercial Officer. He also worked from Glo Ghana and MTN Zambia.

Donald Solomon Tembo, is a teacher by profession and a business man, while Zindaba Soko has experience in Transport and Logistics, have served at Road Transport and Safety Agency, RTSA as Chief Executive Officer.

Lucy Grand Phiri, a social and community worker, activist and lecturer, is the only female who has so far shown interest to compete with the men come 2021. She has been helping the vulnerable in the community not only in Chipata but also in other areas. She is also a champion of Anti GBV campaigns.

Aaron Zimba is a youth and a Lusaka based businessman.So who is the next MP for Chipata Central? Who is suitable to take Chipata Central to greater heights? Will Moses Mawere, incumbent and former Sports Minister, going to break the `one term` record, or are we seeing a female MP for the second time after Rosemary Malama?
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