By Miles Sampa

As a Zambian, the Council in Cyprus or China cannot give me a license to open a Bar or a Barbershop.

I will propose to the next LCC Full Council meeting that Restaurants, Bars, Barbershops, Saloons. Poultry market supplies and vegetable market supplies should be a preserve of Indigenous Zambians.

Foreigners should invest in Mines and Infrastructure development of over $1M.

Those Foreigners who left their Countries to run Bars in Lusaka we shall recommend them to Hon Kampyongo so that basele and..

“abantu besu ama Zambian nabo babombeko.. bashitishe amakwebo.. bapangeko utupiya” .

“Nabo ma Zambians bapangeko ndalama olo ma kobili”.

“Abalo ma Zambians babeleke.. basambale hyintu.. bapangeko maali”.

I will also propose a by-law that will criminalise Zambians being used as Fronts to comouflage dubious Foreign Investors clouding out Zambians in Bars, Restaurants and Barbershop businesses.






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