22ND MAY, 2020.


When we say PF is a Government of thieves we are called names. But there you are, PF is now publicly boasting that indeed they have thieves. We appreciate what the Government Spokes Person said by clearing the air on the looting of public resources under PF, it’s no longer a secret that the PF regime is full of thieves. The issue has been laid bare. In fact the Chief Government spokes Person should have gone further to tell us the names of these thieves. Please give us a complete list and how much each one has stolen from the poor Zambian.

Instead of telling us what you are doing to stop stealing, you are now boasting that every Country has thieves and corruption. Meaning, you are very proud of your stealing habits. You cannot justify that you started stealing because all your neighbors are thieves. Equally you can’t say that you are proud to be a thief because your father is also a thief. Sadly, this is how pompous thieves can be. By PF going public that they are unrepentant thieves, we appeal to the Zambian people to kick them out come 2021. Going by your confession, if Zambians allowed you to continue stealing beyond 2021 there will be no Zambia to talk about.

Ask yourselves, which donor will give money to self confessed thieves? The implication of your admittance that you are thieves has far reaching consequences on how this Country will be perceived by the International community. Are you telling investors that you will be stealing their money? It will be very difficult for PF to barrow money from credible institutions like the IMF and World Bank. These institutions do not condone thieves like you. You have managed to continue stealing because you have intimidated and killed all institutions of good governance.

Zambians that doubted that the PF Government is full of thieves should reflect seriously on what the Chief Government Spokes Person said. It’s an eye opener, kick out these thieves in 2021 before they come up with a Bill to legalize stealing. Don’t expect these self confessed thieves to stop stealing on their own, the only way out is to kick them out in 2021 and bring in HH and his team.

Percy Chanda

UPND – Chairman for Mines and Freedom Fighter


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