The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) has announced that the filing of nominations for aspiring candidates for the August 12, 2021 general elections will run from 17th to 20th May 2021.

ECZ Chief Electoral Officer Kryticous Nshindano disclosed that only presidential nominations will run for four days while other positions such as parliamentary and mayoral or council chairpersonship will each run for a day.

Mr. Nshindano indicated that the presidential nominations will be done at Mulungushi International Conference Centre in Lusaka under ECZ Chairperson Esau Chulu aS the returning officer.

He said the filing of nominations for national assembly and councils will take place in respective districts countrywide.

He revealed that each of the four days will accommodatE five political parties in filing their nominations for presidential candidates.

The first to file in will be President Edgar Lungu of the Patriotic Front (PF) on May 17, 2021 while Hakainde Hichilema of the United Party for National Development (UPND) will file his on May 19, 2021.

Dr. Trevor Mwamba of the United National Independence Party (UNIP) will also file on May 17 while Nevers Mumba of the Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) will file his nomination on May 20, 2021. The rest of the other presidential candidates will follow suit on their respective dates and time.

A total of 20 candidates paid nomination fees to take part in the presidential elections on august 12, 2021 general elections.

Mr. Nshindano has since urged aspiring candidates to ensure that all necessary nomination documentation as provided for by ECZ checklist are in place.

“With reference to the calendar, we will start receiving nominations for all electable officers starting tomorrow as follows; presidential candidates will commence tomorrow May 17 to May 20 2021, national assembly, 17 May 2021, mayoral and council chairperson May 18, 2021, while councilors will file in their nominations on May 19, 2021,” Mr. Nshindano announced.

He added that all other nominations will take place in respective districts.

Mr. Nshindano has therefore advised the participating candidates in the different elections apart from the presidential nominations to proceed to their respective districts.

On the schedule for the pre-processing of supporters for presidential candidates, Mr. Nshindano disclosed that a total of 20 presidential candidates paid their nomination fees.

He however noted that out of the 20 aspiring presidential candidates, only 15 have completed the pre-processing of supporters across the country, leaving five who are expected to complete the process in due time.

“Among the incomplete includes Felix Mutati of the Movement for Democratic Congress, Peter Chanda of New Congress Party, Masuwa Kalabi, who is standing as Independent, Neson Musoni of All Congress Party and lastly Lazarus Chisela of Zambia United for Sustainable Development,” he listed.

Mr. Nshindano further advised the candidates who have not completed the process to avail the remaining supporters to Lusaka, beginning May 17 to May 20, 2021 as they file their nominations.

THE Chief Electoral Officer said the affirmation of those who drop out of the race will be confirmed after the nomination process, but reiterated that the nomination fees are non-refundable.

And ECZ Legal Counsel Bob Musenga cautioned independent candidates not to affiliate themselves to other political parties during campaigns.

Mr. Musenga encouraged them to pick a symbol from ECZ which currently has about 20 cyphers on their list.

“There is a guiding provision under our laws for independent candidates. As the name entails, an independent candidate should have no affiliation to any political party because if that were the case, then it would be a serious anomaly.

He stressed that an independent candidate cannot associate themselves with other political parties by way of party regalia as provided by the ECZ law under article one, which demands independent parties to have their own symbol.


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