“I ran away after he demanded oral sex,” Natasha Chabinga said in court.

By Brightwell Chabusha

Bwana Mkubwa Independent candidate Mr Herbert Mwale has taken to court a woman he picked on the street around midnight, whom he has accused of stealing his money and iPhone when he went to answer the call of nature.

It was heard that Mr Mwale had picked the stranded ‘friend’ who later accused him of demanding oral sex from her after delivering her ‘services’.”

This is in a case in which Mr Mwale, 51, also a business executive of Bwana Mkubwa has dragged Natasha Chabinga unemployed of Mushili Township to court on allegations that she stole K4,000 cash and an iPhone, altogether valued at K5,600.

When the matter came before Ndola Magistrate Peggy Banda, Mr Mwale denied having sex with the 21-year-old woman whom he accused of robbing him of money amounting to K4,000 and an iPhone.

He said on April 18, 2021 around 23:55 hours, while returning from a political meeting, he saw Chabinga flagging his vehicle and requested to be given a lift as she did not have transport.

He said after giving a lift to Chabinga who was in the company of her friend, she suggested that they go to a nearby drinking place for some drinks.

Mr Mwale said after having drinks, Chabinga asked him to take her to a lodge in Mushili Township as her mother was not at home hence she preferred to sleep at a lodge.

“She requested that I pay for her at the lodge where she could spend a night of which I paid but I did not sleep with her, I only helped myself with the toilet which was in the same room,” Mr Mwale said.

He said after booking a room, he decided to use the toilet, leaving his jacket behind which had an iPhone and K4, 000 cash.

He said when he returned from the toilet, he was shocked to find that the phone and money were missing from the jacket while Chabinga had run away.

Mr Mwale said he then reported the matter to Lubuto police post.

He said when police officers conducted a research at the lodge, they found Chabinga hiding in one of the rooms.

Mr Mwale said when he asked about the items, Chabinga expressed ignorance.

He further said after investigations into the matter, police officers recovered only a K500.

The aspiring Member of Parliament further alleged that two receptionists from the lodge were allegedly given money by Chabinga to hide.

But in cross examination, Ms Chabinga said she got the money from Mwale as payment for having sex with her.

Ms Chabinga said she decided to run away from Mwale after he demanded oral sex from her despite having sex earlier on.

“Didn’t I run away from you after you demanded a blow job from me?” she asked.

In his response, Mr Mwale denied the allegations claiming that Ms Chabinga was too young for him to have sex with.

Ndola Magistrate Peggy Banda adjourned the case to July, 13, for continued trial.


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