ATI is a sham, UPND was forced to enact it as a debt restructuring condition – Sangwa

John Sangwa

ATI is a sham, UPND was forced to enact it as a debt restructuring condition – Sangwa

CONSTITUTIONAL Lawyer John Sangwa says the recently enacted Access to Information is a sham and it will not serve its purpose.

And Sangwa says it is crazy that Zambia only has 100 judges to service 20 million citizens, arguing that this ratio has contributed to the broken down judicial system.

Meanwhile, Sangwa has wondered why the President and Ministers keep going to stadiums to inspect the cholera situation when that is the responsibility of the local authorities.

Speaking on Radio Phoenix’s Let the People Talk programme, Tuesday, Sangwa said there was a problem with the Access to Information Act at many levels.

When asked what he thought about the act, Sangwa described it as a “sham” and “fraud on the people”…


  1. Why is the learned keeping quiet on the happenings in the PF ? The bill that his
    excellence signed was the same bill that the counsel condemned ECL for. They say it’s better to be honest ~ this lawyer normally changes positions ; today he will interpret the law in the way it suits him as he did on ECL third term bid and back tracked when the constitution court ruled otherwise. l personally would have loved to learn more on how the two factions of the PF can operate using the symbol and name.He should be very helpful for the nation to move forward on issues bordering on constitution matters.

  2. The idiot was hoping to be appointed as Judge and now he is throwing tantrums to remind the authorities that the idiot wasn’t rewarded for singing. STUPID IDIOT.


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