Attacks on embassies in Sudan ‘sheer criminality’


Attacks and looting of foreign diplomatic missions in Sudan continue, with Algeria being the latest country to protest.

On Wednesday, the Algerian foreign ministry said its ambassador’s residence in the capital, Khartoum, was “stormed and ransacked” the day before.

It said the attack constituted a violation of international law, and called on Sudanese authorities to prosecute those responsible.

Zimbabwe on the same day condemned attacks on its embassy and on its ambassador’s residence in Khartoum, with the foreign ministry spokesperson accusing paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF) fighters of being responsible .

“We have reports that most of the countries’ properties were also targeted. It’s sheer criminality, to take advantage of the war to loot properties of our diplomats and our embassy there,” Livit Mugejo said.

On Tuesday, Mauritania said its embassy in Khartoum was similarly stormed and looted by armed men.

Mauritanian media reported that at least three vehicles used by the ambassador and staff were stolen.

The Sudanese army has repeatedly blamed the attacks on diplomatic missions on the RSF, which denies involvement.


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