Lusaka – 19/05/20

“Attacks on journalists and media houses by Patriotic Front cadres is no mere coincidence but a well-planned scheme orchestrated when the party assumed office in 2011”, says UPND President Hakainde Hichilema.

President Hichilema says the endless attacks are a well-coordinated ploy to keep the citizenry of the country in the dark on a number of national issues.

Speaking to journalists at his Lusaka’s New Kasama residence this morning, the UPND leader said the attacks by PF cadres wielding dangerous weapons was a violation of freedoms of the press and expression,describing it as a tool used by dictators used to silence those with independent and alternative voices.

“What is happening in the country is no coincidence… it’s a pattern; a scheme by the PF since its assumption into public office. The attack on Muchinga and ISO radio stations is a way terrorists masquerading as Government use to silence independent and alternative voices,” he said.

He added that only people power can stop the PF’s widespread hooliganism and politically instigated violence against the media and citizens.

“The closure of The Post newspaper by the PF is such an assault on the media not even carried out by the One Party State under UNIP. They also closed Muvi TV, Komboni radio, and now Prime TV. This is all being done in an attempt to silence divergent views and shut those critical to their bad style of leadership,” he stated.

The opposition leader whose radio programs have twice been interrupted by PF sponsored in Muchinga province has since demanded for the arrest and prosecution of PF Muchinga Province chairperson,Alex Simuwelu and party Media Director, Sunday Chanda.

“We are expecting arrests in Mpika,Chinsali and Isoka If the PF are true to claims that they are a law-abiding party, we should see arrests on PF cadres who are known persons,” said Mr Hichilema.



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