Aunty Milly Beauty and Mr Mulwanda have reconciled and are back together


Aunty Milly’s Rejected Husband Appears Like a Spiritual Husband

A Lusaka spiritual husband Mr Mulwanda has allegedly returned home broke and useless like an army worm.

Sources say the on and off marriage that has been operating like nothing but zesco’s high quality loadshedding has once again kicked off after the weird strange Yo-Bally of a husband Mr Mulwanda returned home a few days ago like a prodical son.

Exactly 1 month ago Lusaka bleaching and Stomach Reduction scientist packed and chased away her weird Yo-Bally of a Husband Mr Mulwanda out of her house after a Car misunderstanding

Mr Mulwanda a low Grade coloured who looks like the person who received pig demons In the jesus movie was kicked out of his own matrimonial house like a common bingo by his wife aunt Milly after he took her son’s Car.

Aunty Milly said she was tired with Mr Mulwanda’s Spongebob behaviour and she Cleary stated like a UPND serious government official that she won’t allow him to emotionally black mail her this time around or even touch her overies.

But sources have confirmed Mr Mulwanda is back in Aunt Milly’s life once again like Cholera, a check on aunt Milly’s Facebook page, we saw a Mr Mulwanda marinating aunt Milly With sweet words like hungry lion chicken pieces ready to be eaten.

Aunty Milly has been in this ON and Off low quality Loadshedding kachasu like of a marriage with Mr Mulwanda for almost 6 years and despite the marriage being on and off like the loadshedding that is starting tomorrow, she keeps getting pregnant.

Sources also say it’s impossible for aunt Milly to stay without Mr Mulwanda because he has a powerful demonic black mamba Urinating bedroom organ that can easily reach the Fallopian Tubes and it produces beautiful babies.

The couple has been married for close to 6 years and they have reduced the highly respected Godly institution of marriage to the level of nothing but spongebob-squidward games, this is a marriage where you borrow your step son’s car!!! , they chase you you sleep on the streets and the come back like nothing happened.

You are married as a husband but you also a dependant, it’s like those marriages where your wife tells you to leave the bedroom because she Wants to dress up.

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