RENOWNED musician Brain Bwembya popularly known as B-Flow says some contributions to discussions on governance issues which he instigated have “high propensity to cause unnecessary confusion”.

In a statement released after a meeting with Presidential Press Aide Isaac Chipampe, Political Advisor Chris Zumani Zimba and Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo at State House, Monday, Bwembya charged that some people were taking advantage of the progressive debate to advance their agenda.

“I have noted some of the contributions to our discussions and I must state that a few have high propensity to cause unnecessary confusion. Obviously, there are some people with other agendas that may want to take advantage of our progressive debate thereby sidetracking us from our critical national development concerns such as ill treatment of Zambian workers by some foreign investors, youth unemployment, corruption, freedom of expression, gold mining etc. Therefore, we must not lose focus on the important issues we have raised and we should continue raising them using all platforms available to us,”Bwembya stated.

“I strongly believe that our efforts in trying to get the government leadership to listen and act on our concerns are not in vain. Today State House invited me for a meeting with the Presidential Press Aide Mr Isaac Chipampe and the Political Advisor Mr Chris Zumani Zimba in order for them to get a clear picture of the issues that youths like myself are raising. I clearly made my submissions without fear or favor and they were well noted. After we concluded our meeting, the President’s Political Advisor invited Lusaka Provincial Minister Hon Bowman Lusambo who was also at State House for another meeting in order for me to express my concerns to him regarding his recent remarks which were injurious to me. It was cordial and of mutual respect, a platform at which I was assured of government’s respect for our freedom of expression.”

He stated that discussions on national matters could stir the country into chaos if not properly managed.

“I’m greatly humbled and inspired by the support and counsel that I have received and continue to receive from my fellow youths during the recent and ongoing discussions on important national matters. I’m also grateful to the many senior citizens that have offered guidance and support towards the critical issues that we have been raising as youths. From time immemorial, youths have played a vital role in the development of Zambia including the attainment of Independence, contribution to the national GDP as key players in the formal and informal sector and more,” stated Bwembya.

“Our ongoing discussions on important national matters have created an atmosphere of openness and wider youth engagement in national development issues. If properly managed, this atmosphere can stir our country towards national prosperity. This goes to show the positive side of social media. In this regard, we must continue enjoying and exercising our freedom of expression. However, if not properly managed, this new atmosphere also has the potential to instigate chaos in our great nation.This is as it should be and we remain resolute to continue to monitor this positive window of commitment to the development process. In conclusion, I am delighted to know that I have contributed to the enhancement of youth engagement and participation in raising concerns and positive views on development issues. I will continue to use my platforms to speak for the voiceless in a respectful and non-partisan way and I hope that the government will also engage with us in a respectful manner.”

Bweembya had received massive support after he refused to apologise for criticising government on various governance issues, as ordered by Lusambo.


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