Let MUSOKOTWANE and MILUPI Defend Themselves

Friday 24 March 2023

The statement by President Hakainde SAMMY Hichilema attacking Hon Munir Zulu and calling him names is unfortunate and totally unwarranted.

Why is the President agitated by the accusations Munir has raised against Hon Milupi and Hon Musokotwane? Milupi and Musokotwane are fully grown up men who are capable of defending themselves; there is absolutely no need for the President to start panicking and getting involved.

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) is under the direct supervision of President SAMMY. Pursuant to Gazette Notice Number 1123 of 2021 which the UPND Government signed, the Anti Corruption Commission is now under State House and they directly report to the President. Hence the statement by the President is tantamount to interference of the operations of ACC which by law must totally be independent or autonomous. The behaviour of the President will undermine any credible investigation by ACC regarding the serious allegations levelled against Milupi and Musokotwane.

Ba President MUFISANJI? Let the two defend themselves, they are not kids, why are you protecting them?

Issued by;
Antonio Mourinho Mwanza
Media Director
Patriotic Front


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