BaHH bena baleya so I will not stay long in prison, bakesa mfumya BaLungu ngababwelelapo- Chilufya Tayali

Chilufya Tayali

By Chilufya Tayali


MY Flight is at 12:00hrs so I am sorry I am rushing to the airport. I am told the police want to take me to Chirundu or Namwala when the arrest me.

But please liaise with my lawyers, because I want to do one more live at 20:00hrs, then I can go even to Namwala, tapali ubwafya, I have signed for whatever, if that is what it takes to free Zambia.

But BaHH bena baleya so I will not stay long in prison, bakesa mfumya BaLungu ngababwelelapo.



    • He got 50% right.

      ECL is not coming back, but whoever takes over in 2026 will dismiss these trumped up cases outrightly. He will then jail the tribalist privatisation conman for a catalogue off criminal offences.

      Lesa talala.

      • Ba Indigo, Mr. Lungu’s PF would have seized the slightest opportunity to send HH to jail when they were in power. All their attempts came to naught because he was clean. No mud they threw at him would stick.

        Do you have evidence of his catalogue of criminal cases?

  1. Mmmmmm meaning Tayali will be in prison even when Edgar lungu will be dead, Tayali take time to calculate the numbers by the time upnd leave power Edgar will be no more according to his years currently, you mean you don’t know that Edgar has less than 35 years to live on earth, come on Tayali wake up humble yourself so that you’re given a lesser sentence otherwise you will rot in jail

  2. Your motivation for removal of HH is not in the common interest. YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN. If Lungu who sends you was in pawa, he would have interfered with the course of justice, and given instructions that would have allowed you to escaped court and a prison sentence. Those days are gone bwana. Your motivation is the same motivation ALL PeeEfu criminals have. This will not happen, HH will be around for 10 years. And all financial crimes are to be settled within 2 years, so praying for regime change will not make the punishment go away.

    So keep yowa stinking crimes to yowaself, don’t involve any Zambian except the wanu who paid you to defecate through yowa mouth. We were not there.

    Just man up, grow some balls, serve your sentence, learn your lesson. Instead of running away like common career criminal.


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