George N Mtonga wrote…


My PF colleagues use fear of what their lives maybe if UPND came into power to motivate their base. Not what they will do for the country. Because clearly nothing has been done over the last 10years. All the metrics associated with genuine country development are all low.

I challenge you to find me any politician who will focus on what PF has done in the last 10 years and campaign on that as opposed to campaigning by saying bad things about HH. They will choose one politician to become a sound bite for tribalism and attack HH. That’s it. Nothing else.

But for everything that will say dont debate them. Just say BALLY WILL FIX IT.

That’s it. Whatever argument they bring, they try to start just say Bally will fix it. Simple.

Do not feel you need to defend any of their attacks. Everything. bally will fix it.

They are not excited about what they will do for Zambia. But they fear losing power because of what HH will do to them if they enter opposition. And you are only afraid of HH if you have done something to him that you wouldn’t want him to do to you. That’s the only reason you would be afraid.

I’m not afraid of Bally. Not at all. Infact I want Bally to come and fix it.


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