Mwaba Mutale writes


I will call this one Choiced and Consequences

The bible says before you undertake to build, calculate the cost and make sure you have all materials or else people will laugh when you fail to complete your structure”

I knew that my involvement with UPND will have repercussions but didn’t for see it like this deep. Firstly the demon called tribalism is very much alive in our Country. You hear friends and even family call you and tell you “nomba naupena, wajoina aba Tonga, mukachimona nga Ba winner. Others like wait and see what you supporting.. My people honestly do people choose to be Tonga or bemba or lozi? Is there red blood for bemba or blue for Tonga’s? Aren’t we all one in His image?

For me all humans are one, I choose to throw my weight behind HH because of whom I see him as a man, a principled, successful and disciplined man. You say wakaso, well I think this country has seen way way too many jokes and needs a serious strict disciplinarian.

The price is such now that I now feel an alien among many friends. I can’t even hang out any more with certain friends. I love going to Kapiri town to drink but every time am there is ” is it true you have joined UPND? ” .. I now have to watch my back like a criminal and several friends won’t pick calls, I mean several because maybe they scared you will put them in trouble, as if being a member of the opposition is a crime..

Anyway I calculated the cost, I was ready for it and my conviction more than anything keeps me moving. I am firmly rooted now, comfortable with my decision and choice and so I dont mind hanging out alone, for now. We believe in a cause, we are soldiers on the match. And we won’t stop till we win. Yes I am team Bally, very proud and very much unashamedly so. If you dont like him, its OK, its your Democratic right. If you dont like me now that I chose to follow I man I see is firm and can influence change, then nothing I can do about that and if you want to stay away from me because of that or are afraid I will put you in trouble, that’s OK.. The risk is worth it, its a cause I believe in and so am ready for what comes… Many can’t even see the risk we take supporting opposition openly, how it can easily blow up in your face and you loose everything or meet people who dont accommodate other views (cadres).. But trust me, next year is our year, you will tell me, Bally is carrying the day. Make no mistake about it Bally is next, its his time. We are merely escorting him…

Dear friends am still the same me, am not your enemy, unless you consider yourself mine. We can agree to disagree and still be brothers.. I am just convinced, and worse still about a man I made fun of in my ignorance of who he was, till the day I met him and understood what kind of a man he is…

Bally ni Bally

Kateka uyo waisa. Its Bally’s time…



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