Banker narrates finding woman naked at his house at 01:00hrs


Banker narrates finding woman naked at his house at 01:00hrs

A banker narrated how he found a woman, who claims to be his ex-girlfriend and a prayer warrior, at the gate of his house around 01:00 hours naked and bathing in what is believed to have been charms.

The banker, Burton Musonda, and his teacher wife Hope Chinyimba, 33, of Obama Chelston, are charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

Mr Musonda said he found Mainess Mumba naked outside his house barely a month after he obtained a court order restraining her from being close to him or his family.

“When asked what she was doing at the premises when there was an active restraining order against her, she said that they have bad lack in their family and can’t get married and that was the reason she was bathing in those bath salts,” he said.

Mr Musonda and his wife, who have pleaded not guilty to the charges and are being represented by Petronella Kafumbe-Chisenga from Legal Aid Board, allegedly assaulted Ms Mumba on March 20 last year.

The couple were recently found with a case to answer and placed on defence.

In his defence, Mr Musonda narrated that Ms Mumba was his neighbour whom he first met at a home shop within Obama where he was having some beverages with colleagues.

He said the same day he met her, she sent him a message around 19:30 hours but he was surprised that it was not business-related.

Mr Musonda testified that on February 4, 2023, Ms Mumba and her relatives harassed his wife, a development which prompted him to get a restraining order against the complainant.

As trial continued, the banker narrated that on March 20 last year, he was sleeping at his house when he heard noise outside his gate around 01:00 hours.

“I phoned my neighbour Kennedy Lusale, who has vicious dogs, and asked him to check what was happening outside. Kennedy later phoned me back and asked me to go outside,” Mr Musonda said.

“I found two gentlemen and a lady kneeling down without clothes. The unidentified gentlemen said ‘this lady (Mainess) has been chanting over your (Mr Musonda) name. They said she was saying nimwamuna wanga uyu [Mr Musonda is my husband]”.

Mr Musonda said his neighbours started gathering outside his gate when they heard the two gentlemen shouting and calling Ms Mumba a witch and trying to clobber her. “Kennedy whisked Mainess into our yard,” he narrated.

Mr Musonda said at this point, his wife came out of the house and immediately asked Ms Mumba to dress up before interrogating her.

“She (Mainess) told my wife that ‘I will never go out with your husband and what I was doing was just my own personal prayers’,” he said.

Mr Lusale said Ms Mumba was never assaulted by the couple but the two men who found her bathing in charms. Judgment will be delivered on January 31, 2023.

Credit: Zambia Daily Mail


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