Barotseland Agreement Was Terminated By Way Of The 1969 Constitution Amendment – Wynter Kabimba



Economic Front President, Wynter Kabimba has said the Barotseland Agreement was terminated in 1969 by a way of a constitutional amendment and its effect ceased to exist.

Mr Kabimba who is former justice minister said the constitution amendment number 5 of 1969 in section 2 stated that the Barotseland agreement shall have no effect on the Zambian territory and that the status had never changed.

He said it was laughable when politicians claim that….

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  1. One thing Zambians treasure, is the unitary State of Zambia. They rejected the dismantling of Northern Rhodesia in 1962. And they reject the dismantling of Zambia today. Any politician who for political expediency chooses to be on the wrong side of history on Zambia as it is, will be dumped and will find himself in the political
    Dustbin. The Barotse Land issue is now stale. It doesn’t make sense to the millennials..This is the time of synegying.. collaboration and leveraging on our respective strengths so that we move Zambia the arts, science, technology, Sport and all aspects of life. Those red beret clad archaic ancients are not doing the Lozis any favors..they are daily becoming an embarrassment as they don’t know what they want…and are losing relevance in the Zambia of today.

    • Hallucinating hypocrite wake up, the millennials are part of those Barotse youths calln for the separation of Western province from Zambia. The biggest problem in Zambia is failure to think. Wishing away Barotseland matter is postponing a problem. One day some nuclear powers might use the unsettled grievances to to dismember Zambia when it suits their interest.
      Zambia is not short of intellectuals that can help resolve the matter, the problem is everybody is emoting and very few people are using their heads. A lasting solution can be realised if wisdom is summoned and not emotions.

  2. Wake up Lozis. The Litunga and his cohorts are not advocating for democracy, or your freedom to choose your leaders and or you to become leaders one day, they are advocating for a dictatorship where they not only rule you but also own you and own the ground you walk on. They are selfish greedy people who think they are better than you because of the womb they came from. Sickening and retrogressive.

  3. What provision is in the Barotseland Agreement to take care of dissatisfaction by either party? This is the question that any rational and fair-minded person listening to both sides would ask.


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