Barotseland Nationalists Youth Alliance responds to HRH Chief Chisunka, Chairperson of the House of Chiefs in Zambia, following his remarks on Barotseland


Barotseland Nationalists Youth Alliance responds to HRH Chief Chisunka, Chairperson of the House of Chiefs in Zambia, following his remarks on Barotseland

Read the statement below:


Your Royal Highness, Barotseland Nationalist Youth Alliance is composed of Barotseland youths who have grown up in a society with morals. We do not condone uncultured behavior.

Your Royal Highness should know you that to say that there is no a country called Barotseland is been disrespectful to our King and the people of Barotseland Kingdom.
Barotseland Kingdom is our inheritance and not Zambia. The Litunga ( King ) is like an ornament of Gold . Your Royal Highness, do you know that Litunga is a crown of the Nation ( Barotseland ) ? Litunga is our protector and our security , your Royal Highness, to say that there is no Barotseland country simply means that there is no Litunga and we are not going to condone that and we condemn that in strongest terms like the way you have condemned us. We therefore call up on all Senior Chiefs , Lilalo indunas , village head in Barotseland Kingdom including the Ngambela and all well meaning Barotse Nationals to condemn the statement by Mr Hichilema Hakainde , apart from those Lozis who are brain washed by Zambian politics and music. We also call upon the Barotse Royal Authority to revoke all the land that was given to the Zambian government because it has no respect to the people of Barotseland and our King.

We do not accept that we are disrespectful to your president Mr Hichilema Hakainde by telling him that we have no any other country we call our own apart from Barotseland Kingdom.

Your Royal Highness should know that the boundary of Barotseland Kingdom was drawn in 1891 before Zambia came into a dream. Can your Royal Highness explain to us how Zambia ( Northern Rhodesia ) came to occupy our territory Barotseland.

We also don’t accept that we are been disrespectful to your president by saying that how is he going to feel the day he will pass through the gate written King of Barotseland after he went public to say that there is no Barotseland country.

It amazes us to learn that , telling the truth , to you your Royal Highness means been disrespectful.

Your Royal Highness, we advise you to realize and face realities , and come to your senses. Our people have been arrested , tortured , killed , maimed and injured by Zambia security forces , but we have never heard you condemn that. Their only sin was to realize that they have been hoodwinked by Zambia. This act of torturing , arresting , injuring and killing of the Barotse Nationals by Zambia has been going on for over 50 years . Don’t be hypocritical your Royal Highness. Please swallow your pride.

Does it please you when Zambia security forces mentally and physically torture the Barotse Nationals?
Does it please you when Zambia sends her troops to Barotseland to prevent us from holding memorial service for our brothers and sisters killed by Zambia ? Learn to reason your Royal Highness !!

Your Royal Highness, to say that Barotseland Nationalist Youth Alliance is dividing Zambia is been unrealistic , dishonest , untruthful and dull. Your Royal Highness, the relationship between Barotseland and Zambia ( Northern Rhodesia ) was based on the Barotseland Agreement 1964 not on opinions and wishes of Zambians and Chiefs like you . You must know that it is the termination of the Barotseland Agreement 1964 by Zambia which has separated Barotseland and Zambia, from the time the Zambian government terminated the Barotseland Agreement , the people of Barotseland had been requesting the Zambian government to honour the treaty but unfortunately the Zambian government used to rubbish such calls , at last the Barotse people in 2012 accepted the unilateral nullification of the Barotseland Agreement by Zambia which action reverted Barotseland to her original status. So it is the foolishness of the Zambian government which has separated Barotseland and Zambia . Can you read the constitutional review commission 2003 report , page 509 which states that ruling Barotseland without the the Barotseland Agreement raises question as where Zambia derives authority from. Would it be wise to claim that Barotseland is part of Zambia on the basis of repealed laws or on the basis of rescinded agreement?
Would it be prudent to claim that someone is dividing the united country?
You Royal Highness, we are not going to allow the attitude of Robin Hood , the robber .

Your Royal Highness, inheriting the obligations of her Majesty the Queen of Britain by Zambia over Barotseland Kingdom in 1964 does not mean that Barotseland surrendered her sovereignty to Zambia.

To call upon all Chiefs in your country to condemn Barotseland Nationalist Youth Alliance is been immature , dishonest and it lacks merit because in our videos circulating on social media, all what we have said is full of truth, facts and there is nothing like disrespecting your president.
Do you know that Britain never did what the Zambian government has done in Barotseland Kingdom, viz , killing , torturing and injuring the Barotse Nationals?

Your Royal Highness, we conclude by urging you to condemn the Zambian government in strongest terms for the atrocities it has committed in Barotseland Kingdom. We also request you to advise the Zambian government on the consequences of occupying Barotseland illegally. Please , attached to our press statement is a report by a Mr Nachimwenda Edson – former provincial chiefs and traditional affairs , Western province. Read it and you will note that Zambia is on a serious move of destroying Barotseland Kingdom and our Kingship and it is the one funding some tribes to be rebel against the Kingdom of Barotseland.

May the Lord of Justice, truth and Love prevail on our struggle for Justice,truth and Freedom.


  1. Which map are the Barotses using?
    I have checked all bookshops for a world map that shows a country called Barotseland but I have found none!
    All we know is that Cecil Rhodes was abusing the native king and using the native king’s name to lay claim to vast mineral rich areas including Katanga in DRC, Copperbelt, Angola, Caprive strip in Namibia and the whole of Western and Southern provinces of Zambia!
    If it wasn’t for the resistance from us the Ngonis, some Lunatics would be laying claim to the entire Zambia as Barotseland!
    Let’s just have a referendum to close the chapter on Barotse!

    • What irony!!!

      While others including the Ngoni were resisting colonialism and imperialism, paying the price with the blood of their young men,; others were inviting imperialists and colonialists to subjugate their own people in return for a few miserable silver coins.

      Insisting on tribal rights based on agreements with that robber Cecil Rhodes and his band of thieves is just unimaginable.

  2. In the first place, the Lozis are not the original inhabitants of western province. Just that they have crafty leaders who worked on the ignorance of the strong indigenous tribes that they found by seeking protection from white settlers. And the whites mooted the idea of Barotseland which Luvales and Lundas resisted until they got back what was called Balovale Province in 1941.

  3. Abash f–‘ing barotse sellouts with their f—-ing litunga who abated the imperialists in their evil causes. These sellouts are the same as those Chiefs who worked with slave traders to sell their own for pieces of silver. These idi-‘ots betrayed us and want us to elevate them above other citizens. No way. It’s not gonna happen.
    Actually we need a tribunal to punish all that sold out. Ngoni warriors fought, died and didn’t cozy with the imperialists at our expense.
    Before we entertain the lozi sellouts maybe let’s discuss giving honors to those who resisted.

  4. What’s the point talking to traitors of africans. Many of our africans and sisters at the hands of the British. And who helped the evil schemes of the British to succeed? Traitors, snitches like the litunga and his family.

  5. Bwana, as much as we all know that Litunga is a King this doesn’t mean that Zambia is a Kingdom lead by the Litunga. He may have traditional and customary leadership to lead bulozi but not as seen to Lead Naha yamuuso.
    We love the Litunga but we all condemn his silence Leadership of secession which when claimed will require to claim part of Land from Angola, Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe. My question to you all is that why have you not asked these other 4 countries to claim your land from them?
    This is bigger than Zambia and my advise is to take this issue to international Court of justice not to Zambia courts.

  6. To advance their evil imperial empire (which was meant to dominate and loot the african people), the British administration carefully installed selected local chiefs under a program of indirect rule through the local oligarchy, creating a network of british-controlled civil service. The african chiefs, under these protectorates, were first enticed with basic goods/materials, then made to sign unreasonable concessions while being promised protection and finally used as puppets to help advance imperial motives. This is what the Litunga and his supporters and some of our lozi brothers and sisters want to be proud of today. Being proud to be TRAITORS and SELLOUTS. We will fight imperialist motives from the past, the present and those in future.


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