Bashi Bwalya: Martin Mulenga, A Reserve Police Officer Went Viral At The Weekend In A Cheating Drama Facebook Video


Chinsali cop ‘detains’ Bashi Bwalya

A CHINSALI-based female police officer was trending over the weekend, not for slapping the hell out of criminals or receiving a bribe but for appearing in a brief Facebook video being confronted by a woman whose husband she ‘unlawfully’ detained.

The 1999-born constable Mutinta Mildred Njavwa is said to have taken a man who, for now has only been identified as Bashi Bwalya, into her custody, not at Chinsali Central Police Station where she is based but in a room at a guest house with no more than a double bed, an eight-inch Foam King mattress and a Nakonde duvet.

Constable Mutinta was doing all this despite police flags flying half mast in honor of Queen Elizabeth ll whose burial is due today.

After stripping to the skin, the Kamfinsa-trained officer took Bashi Bwalya through rigorous and energy-sapping police paces, complete with ‘live fire’ before the man’s wife walked in on them, armed with a recording camera phone.

As Bashi Bwalya’s cultured wife wondered loudly how her husband could be already naked with another woman at that time of the day, constable Njavwa showed magnanimity by granting her detainee unconditional bond.

“Take him, he’s your husband,” Constable Mutinta could be heard saying as she struggled to hide her bare upper body.

As the woman captured a video of the scene, she offered her adulterous husband to choose between her and Constable Mutinta but drained by the marathon, all the equally naked Bashi Bwalya could do was sleather and vanish under the duvet.

The video ended immediately and ignited wild imagination from social media users as to how the situation could have ended.

In the meantime, Bashi Bwalya is the envy of men in Chinsali who wish constable Mutinta can detain them in similar circumstances.


HAPPY DAYS: Bana Bwalya and Bashi Bwalya enjoy a good time together before their eight-year old marriage hit the rocks. Bana Bwalya left her matrimonial home a week ago and Constable Mutinta Mildred Njavwa has since moved in!


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