THE battle towards 2021 is not easy, says Mufulira Central PF member of parliament Evans Chibanda.

And Kabushi PF member of parliament Bowman Lusambo says he has no personal differences with Copperbelt PF chairman Nathan Chanda.

Chibanda, the chairperson for the caucus committee of Copperbelt PF members of parliament, said this when the provincial leadership hosted the parliamentarians for an interactive meeting in Kitwe at Garden Court Hotel.

“Our meeting is meant to open a new page and we are going into elections (2021). Us as MPs, it has been a battle and it still remains a battle. The battle towards 2021 is not easy, it has propaganda and challenges,” Chibanda said.

He however, said the PF can achieve and fight any obstacle with love and unity.

“We can achieve this with unity of purpose. Your leadership has engaged us to start a new way going forward,” said Chibanda.

And Lusambo, who is Copperbelt PF mobilisation vice-chairman, said the interest towards 2021 is not about MPs but President Edgar Lungu.

“If we bring divisions it will not help is. Our interest is not MPs, but Edgar Lungu. If he manages and I know he will manage to go to State House, then all of us will be smiling,” Lusambo said.

He said the assumption that he had differences with Chanda was wrong.

Lusambo, who campaigned for Mike Manda for the position of provincial chairman, had refused to recognise Chanda until Saturday when he openly said the latter is the provincial chairman.

“I also want to clear the assumption that there is a fight between Nathan Chanda and Lusambo. I am a servant and you are my chairman. When I see you, I see Edgar Chagwa Lungu. You are not here on your own accord, but the President is there,” he said. “We want to announce that as Kabushi, we will vote for other positions at the convention, but for president it is there. For us diehards, that all those who want to bring lawlessness, should know that we are here to protect the presidency of Edgar Chagwa Lungu.”

Lusambo said Copperbelt was critical for the elections in Zambia.

“It is very important because Copperbelt is sensitive. It is a province which decides for the president to be in State House. We will not rest and sleep, but ensure that by 10:00 hours Edgar Chagwa Lungu is President in 2021,” said Lusambo.

Earlier, Chanda said the meeting was the first of its kind with all members of parliament on the Copperbelt attending.


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