UPND Secretary General Batuke Imenda
UPND Secretary General Batuke Imenda


Contact: Cheelo Katambo
Position: Deputy Media Director – UPND

7th,June 2023


LUSAKA – The excitement with which the opposition Members of Parliament especially those from the Patriotic Front have reacted to the UPND Secretary General Batuke Imenda’s visits and monitoring of Constituency Development Fund (CDF) and other community projects in Muchinga Province is surprising.

In the first place, both Shiwang’andu member of parliament Stephen Kampyongo and his Chilubi counterpart Mulenga Fube should realize that Mr. Imenda in his capacity as the Secretary General and Chief Executive Officer of the Country’s ruling and not opposition political party is the custodian of the party policy guiding document, the manifesto. The two Parliamentarians should further be reminded that the current CDF guiding document is a brainchild of the UPND manifesto.

It is therefore appalling that the two parliamentarians would want to play smart by asking in which capacity the Secretary General of the UPND was inspecting and engaging Civil servants in relation to the implementation of the CDF projects. Hon Gary Nkombo is in charge of the Government policy implementation while Mr. Imenda is the custodian of the ruling party’s guiding document. All Government policy documents such as the 8th National Development Plan and other substantive documents are aligned with the UPND manifesto and it is only imperative that Mr. Imenda takes keen interest in how these policies are being implemented.

The two opposition parliamentarians should also realize that CDF is funded using public money and not personal funds and it is imperative on every citizen to take keen interest in the usage of public resources which are meant for the general good use of the country’s populace as espoused under Article 43 (1)(a) and Article 8 of the Republican Constitution under National values and principles. We find it disturbing that the two lawmakers could question the right of a citizen to carry out their constitutional mandate of offering checks and balances. This is the caliber of people mandated to make laws for our dear nation.

The UPND further finds it a laughing matter that Mr. Mulenga Fube is further quoted as threatening to take legal action against Mr. Imenda for what he terms as interfering in the operations of local authorities as he goes to mischievously quote Articles 148 to 152 of the Republican Constitution. We wish to advise the Chilubi lawmaker that the said provisions of the law do not stop citizens from performing their roles as provided under Articles 8 and 48. We challenge him to take the matter to court and see who will be found wanting. It is his constitutional right to do so and our Secretary General is ready to defend the constitution of this country.

Our advice to the Mr. Kampyongo and his Chilubi counterpart is to avoid running threats but concentrate on ensuring that community projects funded through CDF are implemented for the good of communities especially in rural areas because the UPND and its Secretary General does not intend to relent in its pursuing of saboteurs of government development projects. The MPs both in the ruling and opposition including their local authorities have nothing to fear when Mr. Imenda or any responsible citizens inspects and questions the utilization of public resources provided they are doing correct things as provided in the guidelines.

The Secretary General has a party to market and government to protect. We know what the opposition MPs have been telling the people with regards to CDF monies and projects. Our people will no longer be cheated by overzealous opposition lawmakers. These are public projects supported by public funds.
The UPND and its government are on the move and shall remain development oriented and focused. No amount of threats and falsehoods will change our course of development. Mr. Imenda is on the move as he markets and protects the party and government. The UPND is wholly behind its CEO and we advise him to carry on.




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