BBC documentary presents more questions than answers on a dead man- Dickson Jere

TB Joshua

BBC documentary presents more questions than answers on a dead man

By Dickson Jere

I have my own views, which are known about TB Joshua and other Papas. I have had more questions about everything…

However, the so-called two years investigations by BBC and the documentary is merely the version of few people or TB Joshua “disciples”. No independent verification of the facts (no hidden cameras or footage) but a story based on the “defectors”.

It contains “he said”, “he did this”, “he was” without really verifying the facts independently. Where are the medical people who treated the “wounded” or carried out the “abortions”? Where is mother of girl who claimed to be daughter of TB Joshua? Where is the DNA results? It is easy to prove paternity these days!

Why did BBC fail to balance the documentary by featuring those who still believe in TB Joshua since it was an investigation…

Therefore, another documentary could also be done in similar manner featuring those who believed in TB Joshua and his miracles. More should have been done from professional journalism side…it’s like doing a documentary featuring your enemies only, they will say bad things offcourse! Balance it even if you don’t like the guy…

Watch the three-part series below:


  1. BBC documentary is a fake documentary organised by enemy of progress. Indeed, the BBC has lost professional journalism and who ever led the so called investigative documentary has put the BBC to public ridicule even a lay person can tell that it was orchestrated to carryout an evil agenda.

    The miracles that were performed by the servant of God TB Joshua were not prearranged as alleged in the BBC documentary. They were great amazing miracles that happened and people who were healed or delivered from demonic afflictions are still around and could attest that it was genuine. Also well documented evidence is there to prove the genuineness of miracles performed. Those who featured in the documentary are defectors who failed to live to Christian principles while at the Synagogue Church of All Nations. They are bitter and frustrated persons because they left the Synagogue Church of All Nations.

    A colonialist broadcast will always be biased when dealing with issues to do with Africa. What news can you expect from BBC apart from propagating
    exaggerations and negativity on Africa and the word of God.


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