BE ready to hand-over power, Keegan Chipango advises PF leaders.

Recently information minister Dora Siliya said the PF was not ready to hand-overpower in 2021.

But Chipango, a former Freedom ward MMD councilor, said the PF should prepare itself to accept the 2021 election results.

“Don’t refuse to hand-over power. Don’t refuse to accept results of an election. Be ready to hand-over power, don’t behave like [US President] Donald Trump…Africa looks at the US for democratic governance but if a president can behave like that how are they going to advise us,” he wondered.

“Trump has betrayed the US, imagine a president complaining of votes being stolen! We should learn that once you are given an opportunity to govern people, you should realise that you are doing that on behalf of God. You should look after his people properly. Don’t forget them just because you have power. Don’t take God’s people for granted.”

Chipango added that President Trump just like many African leaders allowed the police brutalise innocent people.

Chipango, son of veteran politician and Livingstone’s first black mayor William Chipango, said he sympathised with President Trump.

He urged leaders to listen to the poor.

“The grassroots matter,” said Chipango.


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